There is one thing worse than having a bad review on your Google + Business page Google local search mouse over & reviews

(formally known as Google Places page). That one thing that is worse is when the review is not founded, or not related to the business or is a personal attack on a staff member.

I cropped off the bad review in this image as it has one of the staffs names.

So what can you do?

  1. You can delete the page & start over however as you can see in this case this business as the top position in a Google local search (Business A) So lets not delete this yet, unless we don’t have another option.
  2. We can add about 10 new reviews & hopefully that will push the bad review lower down the page so it ends up in the section click for more reviews’ Report a Google review violation
  3. The other option is to report a violation to Google. So in this case we will try that first.

How do you report a Google + Review Violation to Google?

  1. Do a Google local search eg search ‘Auto Electrician Canberra’
  2. Click the link Google Reviews, find the review that is in breach of Google policy violation.
  3. Mouse over next to the reviewers name, a small grey flag appears, click thaGoogle report a policy violationt flag & it opens a page ‘Report a policy violation’
  4. Choose the Violation Type
  • This post contains hateful, violent or inappropriate content
  • The post contains advertising or spam
  • Off topic
  • The post contains conflicts of interest

Then click submit.

Please Note:
The outcome of reporting a Reviews Violation comes down to what Google (the machine) believes & you have no recourse. You may find that your Google+ page disappears or drops in ranking & at the same time  that terrible Google + Review is still there.

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Want to be on the 1st page on Google?PPC wasted mobile view

NO not all the time!!!

Here is an example of 2 separate businesses that pay someone (who probably refers to themselves an expert) to get them at the top of the first page on Google.

So what is wrong with this picture;
The mobile phone screen shot of a Google search for ‘Tea Gardens Auto Electrics’ (Tea Gardens is north of Newcastle NSW)

  • The 1st result is an auto electrician who services Brisbane northern suburbs
  • The 2nd paid result is an auto electrician in Brisbane southern suburbs.
  • These businesses are probably paying about $3 or $4 every time someone clicks on their advert.

When these businesses get their Google Adwords report from their Expert PPC account manager, it probably shows a high percentage of impressions (number of times the ad is displayed).

It probably also shows that their ads run very high in a search result eg 1st & 2nd position.

It is such a waste that these businesses pay for people to phone them or visit their website who can not use their service as they are 9 hours drive away.

Don’t do any Google advertising with anyone until you contact us.

The sales person may seem to know what they are talking about & may seem to have a great deal. However what results will you get for your money?

If you want to run a Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign ask us first. As a Google Agency we can offer 1st time advertisers $100 free Google Ads.adwords











As you may now that when Google Places was introduced in 2010 I was the Editor of ‘Get Found! How to Top Google’s Local Listings’ this book has helped thousands of businesses make the most of their Google Local Search & Google Maps listings. Now a few years on many things have changed from with Google Local Business Search so the book is out of date so we will continue doing relevant articles to help you stay competitive in a local search on Google.

Google Places now Google Plus for Businesses Pages Explainedgoogle places google plus google local maps

Google Places (also known as Google Plus Local) and Google Plus for Business are very important for all businesses who trade locally to have their Google Plus profile established.

So if people look for your business by searching something like ‘Auto Electrician Canberra’ (service/product & location) then your business needs to be found in that local search results Google Plus for Business.

What is the Difference between Google Places and Google Plus?

Google has been fairly confusing during the changes that it made to how local businesses are listed in its Maps and Search that rolled in 2012, and it has not made things easy or clear for local businesses.

Originally, a local business could create a listing for themselves on Google Maps by using Google Places. After the creation of Google Plus, Google also made it possible for businesses to create social pages on Google Plus, called Google Plus for Business — similar to Facebook pages for businesses.

Google’s ultimate goal has been to combine the map listings of the Google Places pages with the social aspect of the Google Plus pages. The first step in this process was to upgrade the look and feel of a Google Places page so that it looks more like a Google Plus page.

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How Google Pay Per Click Adwords works$100 free Google adwords

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  • They see your ad
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This is a part of a series articles that explain the advantages, costs, best practice & pitfalls with getting listed high in a Google Search, Google Adwords (Google PPC), Organic Search and Google Local Listings (Google Places Pages).

A overview of the 3 main Google Search  listings

Search display example PPC, Organic, Google Places Page1/ Google Adwords also known as PPC, Pay Per Click, this where you pay Google every time someone clicks on your listing that takes them to your website, regardless if they contact you. This is a guaranteed way to be at the top of page 1 in a Google search however it is also the most expensive.

2/ Google Places page, Local Search pages. This is a free page made available from Google that appears in a Google local search result.
An example of a Local Search is when people are looking for a certain service in a local location – ‘Auto Electrician Canberra’

3/ Organic listing is a search result is a free listing for your website, however it is relevant to how relevant your website is to the search words that the person entered to get that search result.
So to rank well in the free organic search is all about having a website that is a trusted source of relevant information in Google opinion.

Caution as there are so many self acclaimed SEO experts who seem to be everywhere. Many of whom will take your money & leave your website worse off.

So before you sign up with an SEO expert talk with your web developer first.

Please contact us if you have any questions



Going Backwards with SEO Experts Advice

We all get spammed day in day out with email & phone calls from experts that can put your website on the 1st page of Google.

Please Do NOT hand over any information, usernames or passwords to anyone before you talk with your website developer.

Case Study 2:

One of our clients paid a dedicated SEO Company who promised to increase their ranking. The SEO company seemed a large international outfit however what ever happened they suddenly dropped 25% in visits to their website.

So not only is he out of pocket $2,500 plus the loss of business.

To claw his way back to were he was will take much longer than it took to destroy what he had.

The lesson is regardless of how fast a SEO Expert can talk or how credited their company seems to be, run the idea past your web site developer first, normally it will save huge grief.



A SEO Experts Regularly Cause Business Owners Griefseo fail

You probably get email after email & many phone calls from experts that can put your website on the 1st page of Google.

Please Do NOT hand over any information, usernames or passwords to anyone before you talk with your website developer.

Case Study 1

We have a good client & back in 2003 we set up a HTML style (old style now) which back then was a non editable multi page website & was always ranked well in a Google Search.

The business owner looking to increase business from his website paid a company (Google Expert) to do his PPC Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaign for him which cost him a lot, for the return they he received (which is normal for PPC advertising)

Then he was convinced by another web developer to register 2 more related domain names. Good Idea! however as the developer really only want to make money & not do the right thing by the client (like most SEO so called experts). So this other web developer built another 2 HTML websites.

The dumb thing about this is that now he has 3 websites for the same business & this weakens his authoritativeness, in the eyes of Google, so he shot himself in the foot, as it drastically dropped his search ranking. However to add salt to the wound this developer did not use a CMS Content Management System (new style) web site but a less effective old HTML style website. Our client was now left with 3 websites that he needed to pay someone to make updates to & he paid out heaps of money to be ranked worse.

Question; Is better to have only one listing for your business high on the 1st Page of Google or is it better to have 2 or 3 listings on the 2nd & 3rd page for the same Google search?
Answer; of course it is better to have one listing, high on the 1st page of a Google Search.

What can you learn from this;
1/ If you want to buy a spot in a Google search result, contact us for your PPC Adwords campaign.
2/ If you want more traffic ask us 1st for advice, we are going to be less bias as you are already our client.

3/ Never give your website log in details to anyone, regardless of how talented they say they are, until you check with your existing web developer

4/ Price alone for a service, is not the same as value for money.

5/Ignore those so called SEO Experts.
What is an Ex Pert, Ex is a ‘has been’ & a ‘spert’ is a drip under pressure.




Search Engine Optimisation with Find Net Solutions Gold Coast

We have installed special SEO functionality in all our clients WordPress websites that dramatically boosts their Google ranking & fast.

A few tips to maximise its effectiveness;

  • Add a descriptive Title with a maximum of 60 characters
  • Add a descriptive Description with a maximum of 160 characters
  • Add descriptive Keyword that are relevant to the article.
  • Add descriptive Tags that are relevant to the article.

The power of this functionality is even more awesome when we install & activate our other special Search Engine Pinging programming. The pinging program instantly notifies over 5 dozen search engine feeders when you publish or update a Post (News, Specials articles).

Search Engine Pinging doesn’t happen with publishing of a normal page, only posts (news items) thus the importance of using the Search Engine software (described above)

Fact: The more often you update your website content & use the functions available the strong your website will rank on Google.

Look at the awesome growth of the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce jumped 10 fold within 6 months & at the present time it gets nearly 123,000 unique visitors in the last 12 months (1.2 million hits)

webstats GCNCC oct 2013




We all know the best advertisement is the one that works & it is even better if it is free.PPC example battery world tuggeranong

Tip – Get your website ranking well in a FREE organic search & then if you want more high results in a search engine result find someone who can get you the best result.

Remembering PPC Pay Per Click advertising is that. You pay every time someone clicks on your advert.

So make sure when you adverts appear in a search that benefits your business as every time someone click on your advert it costs you.

So if you are a battery dealer on the Gold Coast or on the Sunshine Coast Qld your ad shouldn’t appear in a search result for Car Batteries Canberra.