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Your Google E A T is your Reputation and a Critical Ranking Factor.
E A T is your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear to Google.
Google also knows that consumers want to deal with people and businesses that are experts. As well as authorities in their field. And are considered trustworthy.

Getting Your Share of Google Love in 2020
Want more traffic, conversions and profits for your business in 2020.

It’s NOT just SEO or good website structure

The 3 main things Google will take into consideration in 2020 for ranking you is;
….. 1/ Your EAT Reputation.
E-A-T is your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear.
…. 2/ Your Reputation with consumers feedback. What customers are saying about you your business, your service and your products.
….. 3/ UX which is User Experience. UX is basically how easy is your website is to navigate and get information on all devices.

The Rapid Review Platform makes Reputation Marketing easy and affordable

Reputation Marketing has been Proven to increase PROFITS… by improving customer trust & confidence
When you’re easy to find, you’re easy to choose.
The Find Net Solutions Rapid Reviews platform helps you get to the top of the Google search results.
6% increase in revenue…

The fact is that Blogging massively improves Google Ranking by indexing key words and phrases faster. Our other business Easy Online Biz Solutions also  recommend this service for Business Websites and eCommerce including all of our clients who have a Rent to Own Your Online Store. The reason is that Hire Writers make it easy and affordable to do Blogging. Which drastically improves SEO.

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The Rent to Own Online Stores Project

Rent 2 Own Your Online Stores are new affiliate websites. That sell eBay and Amazon Affiliate products from a Online Store that automatically updates products pricing and descriptions. Old products are also automatically removed by the software programming.

Find Net Solutions was commissioned to create these Rent to Own Your Online Store as templated online store affiliate websites. Easy Online Biz Solutions needed these Rent to Own Online Stores to be;

  • Easy for the owner to manage.

Your Rent to Own Online Store needed to be set up and Done for the client. So a client did need any special skills or website experience to start. Their Rent to Own Your Online Store was also automated so very little time is required to maintain their Rent to Own Online Store.
As we know many people want an online business. However most people are not website gurus and they are also time poor.

  • Affordable for the client to start and operate.

– The client pays a small deposit up front of less that 10%.
– Then pays the Rental off until they own the site. The cost works out to less than a cup of coffee a day.
– Once their Rent to Own Your Online Store is paid off and they own it outright. Their Rent to Own Online Store cost less than a $1 a day to operate.

This required the core of the Rent to Own Online Store to be a templated design. When the client chooses which eBay Affiliate products lines or Amazon affiliate product lines. That they want to have in their Affiliate Online Store. The Rent to Own Online Store Template is customized with the target categories in the Online Store. Header images, category titles and all the SEO titles and descriptions for pages and images are updated.

The Rent to Own Online Store Template is then linked to the client eBay affiliate account or their Amazon affiliate account. After all site updates are done to pages, categories, product categories, images and plug ins. The Automated product importing from eBay or Amazon can be done with the click of a button in the rear of the Rent to Own Your Online Store.
After which the software deletes old stock that is removed from eBay or Amazon. And the Rent to Own Online Store Template software continually updates the product pricing and descriptions. So your Rent to Own Online Store always reflects the products listed on eBay and amazon.

  • Automated importing and updating products.

The Rent to Own Your Online Store are set up for a client with automated software and other programming. This is so that affiliate products from eBay and Amazon can be copied into a Rent to Own Online Store automatically. So with a click of a button the product images, description, title and pricing etc is automatically copied to the Rent to Own Online Store.

The import process also spins the products long description on importing. This is so Google doesn’t penalise the Rent to Own Online Store for having duplicated content.

Every fifteen or so minutes your Rent to Own Online Store automatically syncs with eBay or Amazon. This automated syncing allows for product pricing and descriptions to be updated. The Syncing process also deletes old stock from the Rent to Own Online Store that is no longer available on eBay or Amazon.

Looking for an Easy, Affordable and Automated Online Store?

Your Rent to Own Online Store is all Done for You.

It’s fully Automated, selling other peoples products online 24/7 from Amazon or eBay.

  • You have NO Product costs or acquisitions,
  • NO packing and NO shipping of products
  • It’s all Done for You… set up and stocked for you.
  • Imaging having a store and NO Customer service hassles
  • And your commissions are paid direct into your account
  • You can even sell your own products

It’s a bit like an Online Vending Machine.

  • As not much time is required to maintain online store
  • No special skills are needed
  • It’s set up for you and Automated
  • Filled with other people stock at no cost to you
  • You only have a very small outlay to start and
  • Just a few bucks a day, pays it off… and then you own it
  • The ongoing cost to you is less than a $1 a day to run your business
  • You can upgrade and expand it at anytime.

Examples of functioning Rent 2 Own Online Stores are: like, and

Read more on ‘What is the Rent 2 Own Online Store Business Model?’ at Easy Online Biz Solutions


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Here is a tip if you take payments with credit cards

Are you getting sick of paying your bank fees to have an EFTPOS machine?

We got rid of our banks EFTPOS machine and saving as we don’t pay monthly rental fee with Square Up.Square Up logo

Square Up lets you accept tap-and-go cards and devices and take chip cards, whether you’re on the move or at your counter.

They have clear pricing. Fast deposits. No surprise fees. Know exactly what you pay and get paid fast with Square. Tapped, inserted or swiped payments 1.9%. No other Fees

Accept every major credit card for the same rate, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Accept card payments on your computer or your mobile with out any other cost or equipment. Or set up the Square swipe or touch card reader for a small once off cost. Set up a receipt printer & cash draw and have your front counter fully functional.

Square Up cater for all types of businesses, without hefty fees.

Find out more here



Smart Tips for Business Email Accounts

1/ Keep Control of Your Emails, Look Professional & be more SaleableEmail Marketing Tips

Its so basic! simply use your domain email address

Look Professional by Using Your Domain Email
When a business uses their domain emails like they appear more professional & at the same time hint their website site address. If you use a Bigpond, iinet, Optus, Gmail, Hotmail or similar (non your domain email) It is time to change and be more Professional and be in control of your emails & make your business more saleable.

By using your Domain Email eg ;
a/ You have control of your email accounts rather than using your ISP Internet Service Providers emails like Bigpond, Optus, iinet etc. So if you change ISP you won’t loose your business emails. So use your domain email, something like rather than

b/ Your business will be more saleable, if you use your domain emails like, as you have full control.
The new owners of your business don’t have use your ISP service and won’t have all the dramas of transferring services. It also gives them the freedom to change the ISP for the business.

c/ All business email address that you have been using is what is in peoples address books, contact lists & online listings. Isn’t it better to be in control of your businesses emails, rather than be at the mercy of an ISP or third party you have no control over. Simply use your business domain emails.

2/ Set Up Emails as POP or IMAP to best suit your Business

Read about the Pros & Cons of POP & IMAP emails –

Basically when your emails are set up as

  • IMAP emails – the emails (folders, reply emails etc) sit on the server & you are looking at a reflection of the server from your email client.
  • POP emails – the emails (folders, reply emails etc) sit on Your Computer (device) you actually are downloading emails from the mail server. You can set up POP emails to keep emails on server for ‘so many days’ so you can collect POP emails on multiple computers (email programs)

If you have a question please contact us




Find Net Solutions welcomes payments by Bitcoin

Karanda Holdings Pty Ltd, web solutions business, Find Net Solutions realises that new digital currencies like Bitcoins are the future.Bitcoin accepted here

Bitcoin is the worlds leading crypto currency (digital currency) and as it is easy & convenient, why not accept it as a method of payment.

If Richard Branson accepts Bitcoin for payment for one of his Virgin Galactic space trips (watch the short video below). So why not a Find Net Solutions a web solutions business on the Gold Coast Australia!

Want to know more about the dynamic future projected for Bitcoin, watch this other video below
’10 Reasons Why coinjar logoBitcoin will Destroy All Time Highs in 2017.

Want to set up a Free Bitcoin Wallet – try CoinJar

There are many opportunities to profit from Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies if you would like more information – contact us



If you want to understand more about Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies & opportunities around digital currencies – contact us for more information



This is the latest news from Google on security and safety on the Internet

HTTPS as a ranking signal security symbol

Security is a top priority for Google. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use industry-leading security, like strong HTTPS encryption by default. That means that people using Search, Gmail and Drive, for example, automatically have a secure connection to Google.

Beyond our own stuff, we’re also working to make the Internet safer more broadly. A big part of that is making sure that websites people access from Google are secure. For instance, we have created resources to help webmasters prevent and fix security breaches on their sites.

Read full article at Google Blog

The Main Reasons to Listen to Google

  1. They are the most used search engine with 85 to 90% market share.
  2. If your website has a contact form then it is considered by Google to now need a SSL certificate to be a HTTPS website & rank better than your competitors that don’t.
  3. Yes all Shopping Cart websites definitely need to be HTTPS (have a SSL certificate installed)

We recommend that we all heed Google and add SSL Certificate to our websites, to make your site HTTPS. That is to have HTTPS:// rather than the standard HTTP://

Contact us to make your website HTTPS secure with SSL Certificate