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The Business xCellence Awards will be live streamed to all regions of Australia and NZ. Each state will hold their own awards Dinner and share in the live stream presentations.

Dave Cane the Director and BDM of Find Net Solutions was nominated for excellence in Digital Marketing.

Dave Cane can said in an interview;
“On behalf of the Find Net Solutions Team we are grateful to be recognised as Finalists in The Business Excellence Awards 2020.

The Business Whisperer… Perry Mardon shared key facts YOU NEED to understand and to do… to survive this Recession…
These include;..
– Be a better Marketer, understand your Ideal Client, define your Ideal Clients Wants.
– Their Needs and Desires.
– What they believe in,
– What they hate. Where are they and where do you need to put your message so they see, feel and connect with it.
– The other key point is understanding how to use their confidential bias. And market so they have no choice but to resonate with your message.
– UPGRADED Marketing and Sales
– Remember Confirmation Bias
– Choose Your Avitar Wisely
– Marketing Message Master Class
– Trend Watching
– Play the Game to Stay in the Game
– Know when to get out and when to Scale
– Optimise Strategic Thinking and Downgrade Stress
– End Overwhelm and Dysfunctional Stress (Master Class)

This Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success.. Was done to answer some feedback from Business owners their Biggest Challenge was ‘How will we cope with a Recession’

So the main topic was…. ’14 Ways to help Cope in Business with a Recession’.

Our Guest Presenter for today’s Quickie Tips for Business Success was Warren Tapp from Tapp Advisory. Warren is a leading and highly respected Corporate Advisor and Business Consultant with over 35 years of practical experience.

The challenge that many people have is ‘Not Enough Time’. This was what the Quickie Tips and Tools was around
How You Can Make Time
In this Quickie Tips and Tools video replay you’ll see a simple process where you can gain an extra working week every month. That’s an extra 40 hours every month, 480 hours every year.
PLUS understand a way effective workflow strategy.
Where you’ll see how you can do a series of projects or tasks 2 different ways. One is the way most people do them. The second way is more efficient and can be done in half the time most people do the same tasks.

The topic was Avatar… not the movie…
Brian helped those business owners to understand why their Customers Avatar is the base for any successful business. This is overlooked by most business owners.

Brian also went into a detailed explanation and example of the more effective way to define your Ideal Customers Avatar. As defining and knowing your customer is the most critical thing in business. No customers no business.

Most business owners think and start with Marketing. However you need to really understand your ideal client.

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What’s your BIGGEST Challenge, Question or Frustration Online?

As Online Business Consultants let’s see how we can help you save time money and headaches.

– Effective web solutions, web site design and digital marketing.

– Starting a Business Online effectively with high profit margins.

– Scaling up an existing business either online or off line.

We will share simple online Tips and Tools to help you in business.

These 30 minute Quickie Zoom Meetings can help you save time, money and headaches with your business and online tasks.

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