85% Increase in Website Traffic in 30 days with SEO Rescue Starter Pack

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Do You Want More Website Traffic?

Since 2000 Find Net Solutions has provided effective and affordable Digital Marketing Solutions. Specialising in Designing Websites that work and doing effective SEO Search Engine Optimisation.

As Online Business Consultants our aim is to make it simple for you from Concept to Completion with ongoing marketing and support. Focusing on you gaining the most Leverage, Control, Flexibility and the best ROI.

Find Net Solutions has a Google 1st Guarantee

The video shows an 85% increase in traffic in 30 days.

I’m going to show you results that were are achieved after 30 days with a Search Engine Optimisation Rescue Starter Pack.

Green Works Tree Care has been online for about a decade. In the past, I believe they tried to use other search engine optimisation professionals. I don’t know how much luck he really had with it. However, we ran the Find Net Solutions SEO Rescue Starter Pack with Green Works Tree Care. SEO Rescue Starter Pack was started 30 days ago and this is the results achieved in 30 days.

So let me just jump into the back of the Green Works Tree Care’s websites so you can look at the live stats. Then you’ll see what I the Find Net Solutions recommends for a once-off SEO Program for new websites and struggling websites. The SEO Rescue Pack is a Search Engine Optimisation one-time booster pack.

So, let me refresh the website traffic stats just to make sure they’re the latest ones that you’re seeing.

You’ll see that;

  • the unique website visitors is 201 for the last 30 days, which is an increase of 85%
  • Pageviews are up 105% over the last 30 days.
  • the average time spent on a webpage is one minute and four seconds which is up 57%.
  • The Bounce Rate has improved by 10%, so it’s 64.18%.
  • 80% of the visitation to the website is from New Visitors.
  • Returning visitors was only 20% of the total traffic

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So if you want more website traffic you need SEO.

As you can see from the stats Find Net Solutions search engine optimization programs are extremely effective.

So if you want to look at the SEO Program pricing, just go to www.FindNetSolutions.com/SEO-Programs.

When you go there it’ll show you the Special Bonuses and Discounts including;

If you don’t have a SMART SEO Website the result will be less.

Not everyone’s going to get the same results as shown above. However, we do have a Google 1st Guarantee.

Find Net Solutions Google 1st Guarantee

Google 1st Guarantee is your Google ranking will improve within 30 days for starting a Search Engine Optimisation Program. And if you have a SMART SEO Website we guarantee you will be on Google’s 1st page within 3 months or we continue the SMART SEO Program until you do.

However, if you only qualify for the normal SEO Program that means that your website’s not a SMART SEO Website. We guarantee you’ll be on the first page of Google within six months, otherwise, the SEO Program continues at no cost to you.

The difference between SMART SEO and Non-Smart Websites.

The difference between a SMART SEO Website and just a normal website makes a huge difference in how effective and quickly you will rank on Google.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, or a similar website then they are NOT a SMART SEO Website. You’re starting from behind the eight ball.

Find Net Solutions offers huge discounts for people that do have SMART SEO Websites. If you’re not sure whether your website is classed as a SMART SEO Website. Got to www.FindNetSolutions.com/SEO-Programs and make an enquiry.

The reason why there are huge discounts for SEO Smart Programs is that it’s easier for us. We will spend less time and you will definitely get better results with a SMART SEO Website.

So if you’ve got one of those other second-tier websites like GoDaddy, Weebly, Wix or Squarespace. I’m sorry for you!

However, we can still improve your Google ranking. But it’s probably not going to be anywhere near the same as what we can do with a  site like Green Works Tree Care which is a SMART SEO Website.

So, that address again to get the Discounts and Bonuses is https://findnetsolutions.com/seo-programs

However, if you don’t do something within seven days you’ll end up on another page with NO Special BONUSES.

If you need a hand just go to Find Net Solutions to contact us. We also offer FREE Strategy Sessions to help make this stuff, less complicated and easier to understand.

So if you want more website traffic more conversions and increase profit.

Your first step to a profitable business is talking to us at Find Net Solutions


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