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With 15 years + experience as an effective website solutions company we have the resources to get you 1st page results on Google.

Let’s explain the advantages, costs, best practice & pitfalls with getting listed high in a Google Search, Google Adwords (Google PPC), Organic Search and Google Local Listings (Google Places, Google+ Business now Google My Business pages).

The 3 Google Search types are;


Google Adwords

Also known as PPC, Pay Per Click, this where you pay Google every time someone clicks on your Advert, that takes them to your website, or allows them to call you direct.
This is a guaranteed way to be at the top of page 1 in a Google search.

Caution – You can pay much more per click for the same search words, than your competitors if the Google Adwords Campaign is not structured well.

To get the best ROI it is important to use a trusted, reliable and proven Google Partner, contact us today for more information.

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Google Local Organic listing
– Google My Business
– Google+ Business page

This page is critical to your business.

Google My Business combines Google Places, Google+ Business & Google Maps. This is a free page made available from Google that appears in a Google local search result or a direct business name search.

An example of a Local Search is when people are looking for a certain service in a location – ‘Auto Electrician Canberra’.

Google+ is also Googles Social Media platform and this is where people can leave Reviews about your business. Your Google+ Business Page is an important place to stay connected with others and share content about your business.

Google listings PPC G Plus Organic
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Google Organic
Google’s main search result
(not Google Business pages)

Organic is a free listing for your website in a general search. The results are directly linked to how Google (using its many algorithms) see your website to be relevant to the search words a user is using in a search.

So to rank well in the free organic search it helps to have recent and relevant content for the people searching for that information. The more Google see you meeting it’s algorithms parameters the better your websites indexing will be and the higher in a search you will appear.

This relies on effective ‘On Site’ & ‘Off Site’ SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

Google also looks at how easy to use your website is for users to access & view. So if your website is not Responsive, easy to view on all screen sizes, Google will penalise you in a search.

Caution Googles Algorithms are constantly changing and using out of date SEO practices can get you blacklisted in a Google Search.

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