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Let’s Look at FREE Google Ranking

That’s NOT Paying Google a cent!

With over 20 years experience as an effective website solutions company we have the resources to get you 1st page results on Google.

Let’s explain the 3 main Sectors. With an overview of the advantages, costs, best practice & pitfalls with getting listed high in a Google Search.

The 3 Google Search Sectors are;

  1. Google Paid Ads known as Google Adwords (Google PPC)
  2. FREE Google My Business listings, which have business name, address, reviews, opening hours, link to the business website and more..
  3. Free Organic Search results from businesses.

Google Paid Ads

Also known as PPC, Pay Per Click, this where you pay Google every time someone clicks on your Advert, that takes them to your website, or allows them to call you direct.
This is a guaranteed way to be at the top of page 1 in a Google search.

Caution – You can pay much more per click for the same search words, than your competitors if the Google Adwords Campaign is not structured well.

To get the best ROI it is important to use a trusted, reliable and proven Google Partner, contact us today for more information.


FREE Google My Business Page listings

This page is critical to your business.

Google My Business page listing are FREE and have the most information about a business in any search result.

Google My Business listings include the business name, address, reviews, rating by customers, opening hours, phone number a link to the business website. And a map with location marker. If the business has a physical location where customer come to for their goods or services.

To Rank above your competitors you need;

  1. High Scoring Reviews
  2. A High number of Reviews
  3. Recent Reviews (old reviews don’t carry the same importance)

However your Google My Business Page needs to be set up properly. And regular posts on it also contribute to how much Google Love is given to your business listing. We can also help with that!

Want to out rank your competition on Google?
Be #1 Business in the Google free listings. Without paying Google a cent. We have an easy and affordable way you can achieve this. It’s a Rapid Review Platform…

Facts about Rapid Reviews are;
6% is the average increase in revenue from reviews. Image what your ROI is when it’s automated and saving you time!
20 is the average number of reviews Rapid Reviews user get each month

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Google listing sectors

Organic Search listings are *Free

Organic listings are *free… meaning you are not paying Google for the position in the search results.

*However as you can see the first Organic listing in the example is an ‘AutoGuru listing’. The businesses that are in that listing pay Autoguru in this case to be there…. So all Organic listings are NOT Free listings.

So to rank well in the free organic search it helps to have recent and relevant content for the people searching for that information. The more Google sees you meeting it’s algorithms parameters the better your websites indexing will be and the higher in a search you will appear.

  1. This relies on your website having good structure and
  2. how effective your ‘On Site’ & ‘Off Site’ SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

Caution Googles Algorithms are constantly changing and using out of date SEO practices can get you blacklisted in a Google Search.

Increase your website traffic = increased your conversations and profit

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