Having trouble sending & receiving emails?

This is for our clients that have email accounts set up for their domain, eg info@yourdomain.com.au, excluding those with Microsoft Server Hosting.

You may notice some issues sending and receiving on some email clients eg Outlook etc.Email

Check your settings for the email account within your email program.
If you have as the Incoming Mail Server or your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
– mail.yourdomain.com.au

Then change both incoming & outgoing settings to either (depend on which hosting server you are on)
– lanos.websitewelcome.com
– picanto.websitewelcome.com

Also make sure in Advance Outgoing Mail Settings that the box is ticket ‘my Outgoing Server requires authentication’

The reason for this is that the domain name is delegated to that server & some email programs need to have the raw server name rather than the delegated name.

Any question please contact us

Smart Business with Domain Names

Have you got every domain name for your business. The reasons why is to;

  • Protect your business & trading name
  • Have extra forwarded & search engine submitted domains to help increase traffic to your website.

Be careful and be smart, contact us for Domain Name Registrations, here is the reasons why to choose Find Net Solutions.

domain name registration and search engine submission

If you have recently registered a domain name, you will get bombarded with phone calls & emails from companies from the other side of the globe.

These companies are either chasing the new domain name registered person to;

  • have their new domain name submitted to search engines. Their service cost from $49 USD to over $80 USD per year.
  • Develop a website for that domain name
  • Set up hosting for the domain name
  • Do SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

The fact is that when you get us (Karanda Holdings Pty Ltd – Find Net Solutions) to register a domain name for you we automatically submit the domain name to search engines and yes at no extra cost. We then get all those pesty calls & emails.

So before you register a domain name yourself and think you are saving money, think smart business and get Find Net Solutions to do it for you and be assured every thing is done & done right. The added bonus is we speak plain english (however with an aussie accent)

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Regular Email Account Maintenance Can Save You

It is critical that you regularly maintain your email account. This is especially important if you have the email account set up as an IMAP.@ symbol and tools

When you set up a new email account in most email programs, it will probably automatically select IMAP rather than POP. IMAP is the default so emails can be viewed, deleted etc from multiple devices.

Having emails set up as IMAP requires more maintenance to your email account than previously (before mobile devices) when POP accounts were the norm.

IMAP emails sit on the server, which takes up valuable space. POP emails are downloaded to your hard drive. As server (hosting & cloud storage) space is much dearer than the hard drive storage (memory) on your computer.

Here are a few tips to save you from increased costs in hosting fees;

          • delete emails that are no required, do this as you go and once a week go through old emails and delete them.
          • save and organise images and documents to another cloud server like Dropbox or an icloud account

A FREE Dropbox Account can be downloaded using this links – https://db.tt/M5U2rMfc

You can set up Dropbox on multiple devices so you can easily save, manage and share images and documents.

Here is another handy tool for maintenance IMAPSize 0.1.1 – IMAP Account Maintenance Tool




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There are 2 Domain Name Scams going around at the present time.

Scam 1/  Domain Name Over Pricing Invoicing

For many years there has been Domain Name Scams that involved people being invoiced for over priced domain names that not really required.scam alert

An example would be a Tax Invoice coming from a Domain Registry Company that a client has never dealt with before. The Tax Invoice looks like it is due however the domain name registration is normally the non required it is normally a .net, .biz or .com domain for $249 each for a year.

The normal retail rate for registration of a .com.au domain is $149.99 including GST for a period of 2 years (price from Melbourne IT the original Domain Registry). Note that there are discounted domain names resold by other re-sellers however be careful as there are normally other charges that need to be paid to delegate or forward a domain name.

Scam 2/  Domain Name Search Engine Listing

More recently if you are the registered contact for a domain name you probably get emails from Domain Services.

“we are sending you this notification for your business Domain name search engine registration.
Failure to complete your Domain name search engine registration by the expiration date may result in cancellation of this offer making it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web”

The amount they are trying to con you for is normally

        •  1 year  – $75.00
        •  2 year –  $119.00
        •  5 year –  $199.00
        •  10 year –  $295.00
        • Lifetime – Best value! Lifetime $499.00

Ha! Ha! Ha! please don’t get court by these cons. If you have a question, not sure, call or email us for free advice.

Fact about Domain Name & Search Engine Listing

Your web developer normally lists your domain name with Google through their Web Master Tools when a website is devolved for a new domain. It only needs to be listed once if the website is set up properly and regular, fresh content is being uploaded to the website so the search engine crawlers can keep indexing your website.



Business needs to manage domain emails to save havoc.Email

With business email communication becoming so flexible this brings some traps for some businesses.

Smart management of business emails can save you money.

Most of our clients have 1.5G disc space for email with the website / domain hosting included at No Extra Cost. Which is ample for most businesses, especially those with domain emails set up as POP email.

However as soon as businesses set up an email as IMAP (now the auto preference on set up on most devices) this will leave the emails on the mail server, thus requiring more and more space.

Emails set up as IMAP’s is great to view, send and delete emails and have it reflected on multiple devices used eg Office PC, Mobile and others like a 2nd PC or IPad.

Smart email management
– Set up emails as POP rather than IMAP if only using on a single device or need a hard copy on multiple devices and not see email replies made on one device on the other device.
– Deleting all unneeded email
– Cleaning up very old emails and folders
– Save or archive as much to your hard drivemail server multiple devices

When you set up emails as IMAP allows you to keep emails in your inbox and set up folders and store email on the mail server and you only see a reflection of the emails & folders on your devices PC, mobile etc

The more emails and the larger the emails takes up valuable space on the mail server.
The more space required, means a higher quarterly or yearly mail server hosting cost.

Please Remember that every Business Hosting Account has 1.5 Gig space at No Extra Cost.

Please be smarter with managing your business domain email.

I have just written an article on the effects, advantages and disadvantages of setting emails up as POP or IMAP.

Don’t stress it is not a techie article so easy to understand that poor management of emails by you and your staff can blow out the server space required to support your domain emails.

Please read the short article on setting up emails as POP or IMAP




Email Setup Options: IMAP versus POP

Most email providers offer two ways to setup your email IMAP and POP. The most well-known and up until now the most popular is POP (Post Office Protocol) and the other is IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).  Below is a  breakdown of what POP and IMAP can and cannot do for you and the benefits of using one over the other on your devices when you are getting, saving, replying and sharing emails between advice’s.

Note: Most email clients today now automatically set up your emails on the device as IMAP.  Whereas in the past you chose either POP or IMAP in the set up process.

POP (Post Office Protocol)

The POP method push messages to a device (computer, phone) and they sit there on your device. Depending on your email setup depends on how this really works. Basically all emails get delivered to all of your devices and you deal with messages on each and every device.

pink down arrowsSo POP is a one-way email street, from the mail server to your device where it is kept on your hard drive or hard drives if using multiple devices.

This means with POP email setups reply emails from an account are NOT reflected on any other device you have.

However POP emails are backed up only as far back as the storage capacity of your email account and/or your own computer’s hard drive or backup.

With POP email set up, loosing your computer’s data means, then you’ve lost your emails

The advantage of POP is that you don’t need a large mail server as the server only holds your emails until you open your email client on your device and then you download to your hard drive.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

IMAP is for email users that like their email to be “the same” across all devices, IMAP is the sure-fire way to go.

pink up down arrowIMAP keeps your email client synced with the email server. If you delete an email in the inbox, it deletes it across all devices. This method is helpful when trying to manage large volumes of email and when replying from various devices throughout the day.

Better yet with IMAP, you can create folders using the IMAP account and they will sync across all devices keeping all of your email with you at all times. IMAP is a two-way street. Users on an Exchange Server have the same functionality as IMAP accounts.

POP is recommended over IMAP when a users is a heavy email users, someone that keeps all old unnecessary email that don’t require the dynamics of IMAP. Sometimes IMAP is the ONLY option an email provider offers.

However, one may choose to use POP over IMAP if s/he wants an original copy of every incoming message s/he gets on every device s/he owns.

Why should someone using POP convert to IMAP? Someone who uses multiple devices to check, respond to and send emails would benefit greatly from IMAP due to its cross-device access. No matter what device you are on you can see your email in the same way. You can still have computer-based folders for emails that don’t need to sync across all devices if storage is an issue.

The disadvantage of IMAP is – the mail server size required is much much larger that required by POP emails (and can be more expensive for domain email users eg name@mybusiness.com.au) than POP users. This is amplified by lazy users that don’t sort and delete old unwanted emails.





Security & Monitoring software

We recommend security software that continually monitors security threads to your websiteSecurity of Data image

  • Security scanning
  • Firewall to block common security threats like fake Googlebots, malicious scans from hackers and botnets.
  • Continuously scans for malware and phishing URL’s including all URL’s on the Google Safe Browsing List in all your comments, posts and files that are security threats.
  • Scans for heuristics of backdoors, trojans, suspicious code and other security issues.
  • Real-time blocking of known attackers. If another site is attacked and blocks the attacker, your site is automatically be protected as well

Smart Business….  stay one step ahead and stay safe

Want a FREE Security Appraisal of your website ?  Contact us now……


Google PPC Experts a new wave of telemarketing callsgoogle search

Recently it seems we have had an huge increase in telemarketing pushing that they are your answer to Google Adwords success.

Yes we still get hammered by SEO pestering telemarketing and now another wave of Google Adwords experts.

Lets face it that paid Google Ads can be very expensive, then you have the agency’s campaign set up cost and their weekly (or monthly) management fees.

Recently I was asked by an existing customer to try another Google Adwords Agency because another business he knows in the area seems to be having success with them. He thought it was going to be better value for money.

We need to remember that competitiveness of every business type and area significantly effects the cost of Google Ads, as it is an auction for your relevant keywords for the best position.

So we took on this other Google Adwords Company, I called this Google Adwords Partner and contracted a 12 week agreement. They reduced their normal rate, however this still cost 50% more than what we normally charge in set up and weekly management fee.

We found

  • The cost was 50% more in set up and in weekly management fees than we charge
  • The other Google Adwords Company made only a slight difference in results
  • Then I seemed to loose that customer service
  • Then they did nothing for the last 4 weeks of the 12 week period, yet we paid them weekly to manage the campaign.

The day after the 12 week contract finished.

Yes! I received a phone call from a telemarketer for another Google Agency, offering a free appraisal of a PPC Campaign.

I received  the free appraisal which picked the new Google Adword campaign apart. I was shockedadwords how these so called professionals bagged the other companies work, wanting to start from scratch, set up and monitoring fees. Then their special set up cost and monitoring fees was even more that the last company.

So I suggest that if you want a Google Agency to set up and manage Google Adwords for you, contact us, then ignore all those telemarketers.

Why pay more and get the same or less, let us help and offer professional customer care.







Starting April 21 2015, Mobile Friendly Website are critical.Mobile Friendly Test in Google Web Developer Tools

Google will be expanding the use of mobile-friendliness as a Search rankings.

This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

Q/ Is your website mobile friendly?

If NOT Mobile Friendly you will continue to drop down in Google Search Results

Q/ How mobile Friendly is your website?

We can evaluated your website mobile friendliness with Google – contact us if you would like this done

If your website is not ranking well with Google your website needs updating or upgrading.

FREE OFFER Find Net Solutions offer a FREE Mobile Friendly website with every new website or & updated website template.

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