How to Access & Configure Webmail Emails Hosted with Your Website

Accessing and Configuring Standard Webmail Emails

Webmail Emails are those that are Hosted on the Standard Mail Server which comes with Your Website Hosting.


1/ These instructions are ONLY for domain emails eg that are hosted on a Standard Mail Server (Webmail) that comes with website hosting.

2/ Standard Mail Servers are NOT Recommended for Business Emails for the long term. Yes they may be OK when setting up a business or as a temporary forward. However YOUR Domain Emails should be hosted on a Dedicated Server like Google Workspace or Microsoft Exchange

WHY upgrade to a Dedicated Mail Server?

a/ You’ll get better email deliverability, so your emails make it in the recipients Inbox, Not Junk or not being delivered at all.

b/ You will get emails from others, as some Email and Spam programs may block emails to an email on a Standard Mail Server.

c/ You will get less Spam and Phishing emails from cybercriminals who want to steal confidential information from you.

Accessing Emails Hosted on Webmail 

(the Standard Webmail Server that comes with website hosting)

  1. Go to Webmail –
    NOTE: Do NOT Google it.. Just add the exact URL in the address bar.
  2. Enter the Username, which is your email address
  3. Enter the password for that email address
  4. Roundcube is one of the Webmail Server interfaces to check, send and receive emails.
Webmail Login

Configuring Emails Hosted on a Standard Webmail Server

To Configure emails in your Outlook or Mac Mail Programs

1/ Get your email setup details from either Webmail Dashboard OR the drop down menu under the small arrow in the top left of the page.

2/ Select ‘Configure Mail Client’

3/ Either use Auto Configure or Use the Setting to update or set up manually.

Webmail Configure and Roundcube
Webmail Configure Scripts & Manual Settings

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