Your knowledge and actions Right NOW.. will determine your outcome…
Focus on your Sources of Traffic….
– Organic Traffic: from SEO, Signage
– Paid Traffic: Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Flyer and Leaflet drops etc
– Experts: Industry Experts recommendations
– Network and Referral Partners…
Ask Better Questions :
– Entrepreneurs solve problems by asking HOW…
– Marketers need to ask Smarter Questions… and they all start with the letter W. Who? What? Where? When? and Why?

2 main places to focus on for Good Ranking on Google in a Local Search.
1/ Ongoing ON-Site SEO – Blog Posts with Backlinks and Local Content.
2/ Ongoing OFF-Site SEO – on your Google My Business Page.
Remember the R’s in Google Ranking…. Relevant: Use Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases in your Content on your Website and on your Google Business page… What’s your ideal customer thinking?
….. Recent: Keep Content Recent, including Posts, Offers, Products and Reviews on your Google Page… weekly is best.
…….. Your Reputation is critical. Reputation is reflected by backlinks and MOST importantly your Google Reviews.
– It’s not just the Number of Reviews, it’s the average Rating and how Recent and Regular are the Reviews.

Allen Slev from Rapid Reviews was our guest presenter. Allen previously worked for Google. He was joined by another Google Expert in SEO, Dave Cane an Online Business Consultant.
Be 1st on Google for FREE Simple Strategies
3 Keys to Focus on with Online Marketing
– Keywords, On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO
Remember the R’s for Ranking on Google…
– Use Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases…
– Recent – have Recent Content and Reviews…
– Your Reputation is critical. Reputation is reflected by backlinks and MOST importantly your Google Reviews.
It’s not just the number of Reviews, it’s the average Rating and how Recent and Regular are your Reviews

This Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success.. Was done to answer some feedback from Business owners their Biggest Challenge was ‘How will we cope with a Recession’

So the main topic was…. ’14 Ways to help Cope in Business with a Recession’.

Our Guest Presenter for today’s Quickie Tips for Business Success was Warren Tapp from Tapp Advisory. Warren is a leading and highly respected Corporate Advisor and Business Consultant with over 35 years of practical experience.

Nicky Cane an Online Business Consultant from Easy Online Biz Solutions shared over 10 Social Media Tips.
Do Facebook Advertising here, Our Guide to Doing Hashtags Right, Mistakes of Using Hashtags, Can Shorten URLs on Social Media except on Linkedin and many more. Including web page structure and position of Social media links and icons.
Some of these touched on smarter ways of sharing the same content to get better reach. As well as improving your websites Google ranking. Other were about getting better results from paid Social Media Marketing.

Aldwyn Altuney interview with Dave Cane an Online Business Consultant since 2000. Who explains the 1st Smart Step to a Profitable Business is consulting an Online Business Consultant to define your online profile and effective strategy to generate sales.
When you consult with an Online Business Consultant you should gain a clear strategy. And know who else you need to consult with and which tools and platforms are best for you. For leverage, control, flexibility and ROI.
All successful business know it’s how your customers perceive you, your products and services. So the more effectively you can engage with your ideal client’s emotions and make them feel you are the best to solve their problems. The more successful you’ll be if you are consistent and persistent at building your trusted brand.

Our guest presenter for Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success #3 was, Aldwyn Altuney the ‘Media Queen’. There wouldn’t be anyone more qualified to show you how to Gain Free Publicity.
Aldwyn put together a special presentation to help people understand the steps required to gain free publicity. Intern improving your Branding and expanding your reach online and off line.
Aldwyn explained the Journey and how to turn your Secret to becoming a Star.
Aldwyn also explained the Key Steps to Media Success

The challenge that many people have is ‘Not Enough Time’. This was what the Quickie Tips and Tools was around
How You Can Make Time
In this Quickie Tips and Tools video replay you’ll see a simple process where you can gain an extra working week every month. That’s an extra 40 hours every month, 480 hours every year.
PLUS understand a way effective workflow strategy.
Where you’ll see how you can do a series of projects or tasks 2 different ways. One is the way most people do them. The second way is more efficient and can be done in half the time most people do the same tasks.

The topic was Avatar… not the movie…
Brian helped those business owners to understand why their Customers Avatar is the base for any successful business. This is overlooked by most business owners.

Brian also went into a detailed explanation and example of the more effective way to define your Ideal Customers Avatar. As defining and knowing your customer is the most critical thing in business. No customers no business.

Most business owners think and start with Marketing. However you need to really understand your ideal client.

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