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4 Main Points for Website Security

Tip 1/
Make all your passwords EXTRA STRONG.

Your passwords should be made up of a MINIMUM of 12 Characters including;

  • Upper and Lower Case letters
  • Numbers
  • Characters like, < ? @ $ *

Tip 2/
Keep your website software up to date.

The latest’s software normally has security fixes to reduce the threads that can cost you loss of personal information, your website, your time and money

Tip 3/
Back Up important information

This includes having a back up of your website, so if you suffer from an online threat, you have clean uncorrupted files saved somewhere secure. So you can be bad online quicker and at a lower cost than a complete rebuild.

Tip 4/
Security & Monitoring software

We recommend security software that continually monitors security threads to your website

  • Security scanning
  • Firewall to block common security threats like fake Googlebots, malicious scans from hackers and botnets.
  • Continuously scans for malware and phishing URL’s including all URL’s on the Google Safe Browsing List in all your comments, posts and files that are security threats.
  • Real-time blocking of known attackers. If another site is attacked and blocks the attacker, your site is automatically be protected as well

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Our Clients Website Security & Monitoring


Most of our clients have 24/7 Security & Monitoring which means

These clients websites have had world-class 24/7 Security & Monitoring. Which gives great peace of mind to our clients & for us as their website & hosting administrators. The software helps with &/or supplies;

  • Creates an effective firewall for websites
  • Blocks out hackers to the website
  • Blocks users who attempt & fails to log in to many times
  • Monitors the website software, from base functionalities to add ons like website plugins etc.
  • Reports by email & in website admin dashboard, the number of attacks & blocked IPs & their origin.

However, no matter whatever the security monitoring or firewall is it can only protect against what possible breaches that it knows. So even the smartest, most flexible, most adaptive and most up to date firewall is it still can’t give 100% guarantee nothing will penetrate.

What we do know is that you are 99.9999% safe, when all updates are done as requested by the security monitoring software. And that the website’s admin has extremely strong passwords.

So if you get a warning from us or our software, please act on it straight away, or ask us to help you.

However, the Biggest Security Threat is YOU or Your Staff

  • If you use a weak or moderate password for the website login, email or computer logins.
  • If you don’t have good & updated internet & email security on every computer
  • If you open an email that his affected by a virus, trojan, spyware or malware
  • If you click on an email link that is effective
  • If you visit websites that are not trusted
  • If you click on a link to a website that is affected by a virus, trojan, spyware or malware

Peoples miss conceptions

That any software that protects you from any virus, trojan, spyware or malware will give you 100% protected.

Spam Assassin

Spam Assassin is email server software that can be set on a client email server which a Webmail Console. The email server we are referring to is the standard email server that comes with Website hosting. It is not referring to email servers like Google G Suite or Microsoft Essential Mail Server.

Spam Assassin is software that can be accessed from your Webmail Console. Spam Assassin has 5 levels of security, however, the program only is a spam filter, NOT a virus, trojan, spyware or malware program

In Conclusion;

  • software to monitor something only monitors that eg website security.
  • firewall software needs to be kept updates & is never 100% secure whether it is a website, server, email or mobile
  • alerts for updates should be done straight away
  • no email program can stop what a human does in regard to clicking, opening or visiting links that can infect his computer, emails or hosting server.

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Quickie Tips to help you Save Time, Save Money and Reduce Headaches….
– Don’t Take Marketing Advice from a Salesperson
– Or a Specialist, Newbie or a Friend
– Always Start with the End in mind. And think of ROI, Leverage and Control with the tools you use online.
– Looking for a Website that Works?
– Web developers come in 3 main groups.
– IT Professional. This group mainly focuses on the Techie stuff
– The Graphic Professional – This group is only concerned about how good the website looks.
– The Marketers however they tend to be short focused.
– Then there is Online Business Consultants –

Your knowledge and actions Right NOW.. will determine your outcome…
Focus on your Sources of Traffic….
– Organic Traffic: from SEO, Signage
– Paid Traffic: Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Flyer and Leaflet drops etc
– Experts: Industry Experts recommendations
– Network and Referral Partners…
Ask Better Questions :
– Entrepreneurs solve problems by asking HOW…
– Marketers need to ask Smarter Questions… and they all start with the letter W. Who? What? Where? When? and Why?

2 main places to focus on for Good Ranking on Google in a Local Search.
1/ Ongoing ON-Site SEO – Blog Posts with Backlinks and Local Content.
2/ Ongoing OFF-Site SEO – on your Google My Business Page.
Remember the R’s in Google Ranking…. Relevant: Use Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases in your Content on your Website and on your Google Business page… What’s your ideal customer thinking?
….. Recent: Keep Content Recent, including Posts, Offers, Products and Reviews on your Google Page… weekly is best.
…….. Your Reputation is critical. Reputation is reflected by backlinks and MOST importantly your Google Reviews.
– It’s not just the Number of Reviews, it’s the average Rating and how Recent and Regular are the Reviews.

Allen Slev from Rapid Reviews was our guest presenter. Allen previously worked for Google. He was joined by another Google Expert in SEO, Dave Cane an Online Business Consultant.
Be 1st on Google for FREE Simple Strategies
3 Keys to Focus on with Online Marketing
– Keywords, On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO
Remember the R’s for Ranking on Google…
– Use Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases…
– Recent – have Recent Content and Reviews…
– Your Reputation is critical. Reputation is reflected by backlinks and MOST importantly your Google Reviews.
It’s not just the number of Reviews, it’s the average Rating and how Recent and Regular are your Reviews

This Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success.. Was done to answer some feedback from Business owners their Biggest Challenge was ‘How will we cope with a Recession’

So the main topic was…. ’14 Ways to help Cope in Business with a Recession’.

Our Guest Presenter for today’s Quickie Tips for Business Success was Warren Tapp from Tapp Advisory. Warren is a leading and highly respected Corporate Advisor and Business Consultant with over 35 years of practical experience.