Want a Website that Works?

Great! You Need MORE than a Beautiful Website!
First Google needs to see you as a Relevant Authority
And Secondly you need to Engage and Motivate Customers.

As Online Business Consultants We Make it Easier for YOU!

From Concept to Completion with ongoing Support and Marketing

Since 2000 Find Net Solutions has provided effective web solutions. Helping new and established businesses profit through engaging with their customers with an appealing message and solution.

Please, don’t get Court Out, wasting time and money… like most business owners and website designers!
It’s NOT what you want that makes your web presence work… It’s what Google and your Ideal Clients Wants… Your website is for them!

You NEED a smartly structured website AND deliver an Engaging Message your Customers Feel at an emotional level.

Why is an Online Business Consultant Your FIRST Best Step?

To a Successful and Profitable Business?

Online Business Consultants aren’t just Website Designers.

At Find Net Solutions we first make sure your Message is defined and resinates with your ideal customers. We look at your business, product and services with the end in mind. Wether you are starting, scaling up or pivoting your business. We can help you deliver a clear message to your customers.

As a business owner you need to remember it’s how your customers perceive you and your brand, products and services. And this can be done effectively and efficiently with Find Net Solutions.

Your First Step to a Profitable Business

At Find Net Solutions we help you look at your ‘Product Offer’. How your ideal customer feels and see the benefits dealing with you.
Then your ‘Monetorization Strategy’ and how you can best profit from the transactions with customers.
And then your ‘Online Marketing Strategy’. Which is everything from your Google Ranking,  social media marketing, inbound and out bound lead generation.
We Do NOT just design good looking websites.

As an Online Business Consultant our aim is to make it simple for you from Concept to Completion with ongoing marketing and support.

What’s Your Next Step?

Not sure! …let’s save you time, money and headaches
Let’s define your Online Strategy…
to Start, Scale Up or to Pivot Your Business

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Our Web Design and Development Services include

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Website Design

Using the most flexible and themes and plug in software that can grow as your business grows.

Google Reviews icon Reputation Monitoring

Website Development

We use advanced SEO functionalities, 24/7 Security Monitoring and much more…

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Dedicated Hosting

NOT ‘el cheapo’ Shared Hosting. Dedicated Server for fast, reliable websites and email hosting. 99.9% uptime.

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Domain Registration +

We are one of only a few Digital Marketers that offers Discounted Domain Search Listing with Domain Name Registrations.

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Effective Shopping Cart design and integrations for higher ROI. More control and better Google ranking.

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On-Site SEO

We have advance SEO functionalities built in for better Google Ranking. Including Search Blot notification on article publishing.

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Smart Business

Integrations for better and easier business management. From Chat Bots to CRM integrations.

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Customer Support

For Your PEACE of MIND we are with you from concept to completion with ongoing support in ALL area.

Pay as You Go Websites

Have your website or eCommerce site NOW and PAY it off over time!

We understand that Cash Flow is King!

It’s critically important to have cash flow to start and grow any business.

Let us help you get that New Website or Online Store and Pay it off over time.

Find Net Solutions Pay As You Go Websites give you the flexibility to start and grow your business Now. And have a Website and a Marketing Strategy to help you grow and become profitable. All without breaking the Bank.


Our Digital Marketing Services include

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Our Guarantee

#1 FREE position on Google. We Guarantee you can out rank your competition on Google – learn more.

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Google My Business Page

Google’s 1st FREE listings are Google My Business page. We have an easy and affordable way for you to be 1st.

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Social Media Marketing

Want effective Social Media Marketing. Or do you want some training and mentoring. We have you covered.

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Email Marketing

Stay in touch with customers, stay top of mind with a personalised email marketing campaigns.

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Ongoing SEO Search Engine Optimisation. Both On-Site and Off-Site SEO. Get and Stay on Google’s 1st page.

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Content Creation

‘Copy is King’ and ‘Content is Queen’. Great marketing starts with quality copy to engage visitors.

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Google PPC

AdWords is Google’s Paid Adverts. Want an effective PPC campaign set up and managed for your business?

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More Traffic and Conversions

Want more leads, more sales and more cash-flow. And not sure were to start… contact us today

Are You Ready to Get More Leads, More Sales and Increase Cash-Flow?

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What our customers are saying!

Brian Goodeve a Business Coach for Mardon International

Aa a Business Coach I’m have no hesitation recommending Find Net Solutions to anyone. They always do the right thing and get great results for all my clients

Cheryl Amber – Marketing Consultant

Cheryl had a Strategy Session with Nicky Cane and this is what she said.

Robyn from Holdfast Tattoos Supplies

“They are good to deal with. Our customers love how easy our website is to navigate. And we are already on Googles 1st page, thanks Nicky and Dave.”

Gail just finished a Mentoring Session

“I’ve had a Website and Social Media profile for years and now have a strategy to improve these.”

Indrek Rampe who attends the Marketing Meetups

‘Explained simply and was well executed, thanks Nicky.’

Tony from Hinkler Parties

Tony from Hinkler Parties “I got a new website and it’s working already, thanks”

video recorded March 2020

Geoff from Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud

Geoff has been a client of Find Net Solutions since 1999

video recorded 2017

Sharon from Peaks Mini Bus Hire

Find Net Solutions has been supporting Peaks Mini Bus Hire since 2001

video recorded 2018

Peter Dane - Apollo Products

I have had Dave look after our website since early 2000.

The website always ranks well and they are always available to help when I need to give it an facelift, do an update or make changes.

I would recommend the services of Find Net Solutions to any business owner that want affordable & effective web site solutions.

Dennis - Griffith Diesel Injection Service

Find Net Solutions did our first website in 2000 & have always provided quick support. Regardless if it was  website, email or not even related to what services they supply. They always steer us in the right direction.

They are easy to deal with, they listen to what you want and talk to you like a normal person, not like IT nerds.

Our new website now again reflects the true professionalism that we deliver across regional NSW.

Thanks to Dave and the team, I recommend their web services to all businesses.

Rod - Tea Garden Automotive

I have know Dave when he did his fist website & I think I was his first customer back in the late 1990’s when we owned Buladelah Automotive. I have lost count how many times we have given our Tea Gardens Auto website a facelift. Dave is always on top of our project.

Dave did the website templates for the Bosch Automotive Dealers websites in NSW and ACT back in early 2000.

I consider him & his family to be close personal friends & know that he puts 100% into every project & always delivers.

Trevor - Tamworth Automotive & EFI Service

Dave did our first website as we were Bosch Automotive Service Dealers.

Dave and Find Net Solutions has always given great service & when something needs to be done they just get it done, no fuss.

Having a good website that can be found & easy to navigate is important to a business. I recommend their web services to all business.

Be the #1 FREE Google Ranked Business


Articles and Business Tips

zoom meeting screens

14 Ways to help Cope in Business with a Recession

, ,
This Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success.. Was done to answer some feedback from Business owners their Biggest Challenge was 'How will we cope with a Recession' So the main topic was.... '14 Ways to help Cope in Business with a Recession'. Our Guest Presenter for today's Quickie Tips for Business Success was Warren Tapp from Tapp Advisory. Warren is a leading and highly respected Corporate Advisor and Business Consultant with over 35 years of practical experience.
zoom meeting screens

Quickie No.4 Costly Social Media Mistakes

, ,
Nicky Cane an Online Business Consultant from Easy Online Biz Solutions shared over 10 Social Media Tips. Including. Do Facebook Advertising here, Our Guide to Doing Hashtags Right, Mistakes of Using Hashtags, Can Shorten URLs on Social Media except on Linkedin and many more. Including web page structure and position of Social media links and icons. Some of these touched on smarter ways of sharing the same content to get better reach. As well as improving your websites Google ranking. Other were about getting better results from paid Social Media Marketing.
1st smart step to a profitable business interview screen shot

1st Smart Step to a Profitable Business

Aldwyn Altuney interview with Dave Cane an Online Business Consultant since 2000. Who explains the 1st Smart Step to a Profitable Business is consulting an Online Business Consultant to define your online profile and effective strategy to generate sales. When you consult with an Online Business Consultant you should gain a clear strategy. And know who else you need to consult with and which tools and platforms are best for you. For leverage, control, flexibility and ROI. All successful business know it’s how your customers perceive you, your products and services. So the more effectively you can engage with your ideal client’s emotions and make them feel you are the best to solve their problems. The more successful you’ll be if you are consistent and persistent at building your trusted brand.
zoom meeting screens

Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success No3 Recap

, ,
Our guest presenter for Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success #3 was, Aldwyn Altuney the ‘Media Queen’. There wouldn’t be anyone more qualified to show you how to Gain Free Publicity. Aldwyn put together a special presentation to help people understand the steps required to gain free publicity. Intern improving your Branding and expanding your reach online and off line. Aldwyn explained the Journey and how to turn your Secret to becoming a Star. Aldwyn also explained the Key Steps to Media Success
zoom meeting screens

Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success No2 Recap

, ,
The challenge that many people have is ‘Not Enough Time’. This was what the Quickie Tips and Tools was around How You Can Make Time In this Quickie Tips and Tools video replay you’ll see a simple process where you can gain an extra working week every month. That’s an extra 40 hours every month, 480 hours every year. PLUS understand a way effective workflow strategy. Where you’ll see how you can do a series of projects or tasks 2 different ways. One is the way most people do them. The second way is more efficient and can be done in half the time most people do the same tasks.
zoom meeting screens

Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success No1 Recap

, ,
The topic was Avatar… not the movie… Brian helped those business owners to understand why their Customers Avatar is the base for any successful business. This is overlooked by most business owners. Brian also went into a detailed explanation and example of the more effective way to define your Ideal Customers Avatar. As defining and knowing your customer is the most critical thing in business. No customers no business. Most business owners think and start with Marketing. However you need to really understand your ideal client.
Quickie Zoom Meeting Registration

Want a Quickie?

, , , , , ,
Register for Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success Zoom Meeting. What’s your BIGGEST Challenge, Question or Frustration Online? As Online Business Consultants let’s see how we can help you save time money and headaches. – Effective web solutions, web site design and digital marketing. – Starting a Business Online effectively with high profit margins. – Scaling up an existing business either online or off line. We will share simple online Tips and Tools to help you in business. These 30 minute Quickie Zoom Meetings can help you save time, money and headaches with your business and online tasks. Want a hand with your challenge, question or online frustration?
website design and development header image

Pay As You Go Website Design and Development

, , ,
Want a New Website Site and Pay for it Later? We understand that Cash Flow is King! You can have your New Website or eCommerce Store NOW and PAY it off over time! It’s critically important to have cash flow to start and grow any business. Let us help you get that New Website or Online Store and Pay it off over time. Find Net Solutions Pay As You Go Websites gives you the flexibility to start and grow your business Now. And have a Website and a Marketing Strategy to help you grow and become more profitable. All without breaking the Bank.
email bounce back

Dealing with Bounced and Blocked Emails in Your Gmail and Bigpond Accounts

Are you using a Gmail or Bigpond email address and NOT getting important emails? Many businesses are having a big problem with good emails ending up in their Spam folder or being Blocked and not being delivered at all. Recently Gmail and Bigpond and probably other email clients increased their threshold for treating emails as spam or not spam. Using Gmail or Bigpond it’s time to make sure you don’t miss those important emails. Here are Simple Instructions to get those Emails Delivered into your inbox.

FREE Online Effectiveness Appraisal

How easily can you be found online?
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Easy Online Biz Solutions

Want to start an Online Business or scale up an existing business?

Easy Online Biz Solutions is our sister business

We help people just like you achieve success online. By leveraging our knowledge and experience you can save yourself time and money.

At Easy Online Biz Solutions we can show you how to;

  •  Leverage Systems and other Peoples Time and Skills. Allowing you to ‘Scale Up’ your business to Make More MONEY with little or no more effort.
  •   Learn effective Internet Marketing including Direct Response and Personal Response Marketing skills that you can use with any product or business.

If You Want To Start Your Own Online Business.

We Will Show You How to;

  •   Select the right business model and how and why that will impact your bottom line
  •   Learn how to select products with high profit margins
  •   See how you can make a full time income in your spare time. Even if you have no business experience or only basic computer skills.
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Our Be the #1 FREE Ranking Guarantee!

We can only make this Guarantee to be the #1 FREE listing on Google to one business type is an area. The Guarantee is simple we will make you #1 on Google in the free listing when you follow our simple marketing strategy.