Aussie DIY Website testimonial by Crypto Brownie

Testimonial from Crypto Brownie about his Aussie DIY Website.

Easy Do It Yourself Websites by the best Gold Coast Website Designers, Find Net Solutions.

Here is what Crypto Brownie had to say about Find Net Solutions and Aussie DIY Websites.

Hey guys it’s Greg Brown, Crypto Brownie, just want to put a shout out to Find Net Solutions and the Aussie DIY Websites guys. I gotta say having a website done by these guys is absolutely amazing.

I was a newbie I had no idea what I was doing by just through for the zooms and working with the guys online and on the phone. It’s just been awesome to get my Aussie DIY Website up and running. I am about the launch my Aussie DIY website, I’m so exciting because I’ve found a system that works. Being in DIY Website in WordPress. I don’t have to be mucking around with other stuff. It’s nice and simple easy to use, and guys you should check out Aussie DIY Websites. and Find Net Solutions. Thanks guys.

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