1st Smart Step to a Profitable Business

Aldwyn Altuney interview with Dave Cane an Online Business Consultant since 2000

Are You About to Start, Scale Up or Pivot Your Business

Then Your 1st Smart Step to a Profitable Business is consult with an Online Business Consultant

If you’re thinking of starting, scaling up or pivoting your business you need to have a clear strategy for your businesses online profile… When you consult with an Online Business Consultant you should gain a clear strategy. And know who else you need to consult with and which tools and platforms are best for you. For leverage, control, flexibility and ROI.

All successful business know it’s how your customers perceive you, your products and services. So the more effectively you can engage with your ideal client’s emotions and make them feel you are the best to solve their problems. The more successful you’ll be if you are consistent and persistent at building your trusted brand.

Our aim at Find Net Solutions is to make it as simple as possible for you the business owner. To progress from Concept to Completion with ongoing marketing and support.

The 1st Smart Step to a Profitable Business Interview

If you are thinking about starting, scaling up or pivoting your business getting the best advice online comes from an Online Business Consultant, Dave Cane explains why to Aldwyn Altuney the Media Queen.

Some of the questions asked where;

What’s an Online Business Consultant?

We help people start, scale up and or pivot there business online …

Looking at it with the end in mind and what best suits the client.

An Online Business Consultant isn’t just a web designer or digital marketer. It’s someone with a good understanding of online marketing as well as the system and tools.

Why is talking to an Online Business Consultant the first step before starting your online Business Profile

An online business knows how to get a brand seen online the most cost-effective way. And helps businesses owners see their online presence from the customers perspective.

It’s important to be found online as well as emotionally connect with the audience so they are motivated to take action.

An online business consultant can save a business owner time, money and headaches from using the wrong platform or focusing on this that don’t give value or results for the time spent.

What the difference between a Web Designer and Online Business Consultant

You need more than a beautiful website that ranks well.
There are basically 3 types of web designers;
a/ Web developers the ones that focus on the code, SEO and ranking
b/ The Web designer who is focused on the graphics and how pretty a website is
c/ The DYI who just grabs whatever website format that are close to or get sold and knocks up a website… Some look great and some look terrible and the DYI can’t normally see what they are missing, or why it’s not working properly.

An Online Business consultant normally looks at;
1/ How efficiently and effective the project will be long term
2/ How much control the business owner has over the final marketing funnel.
3/ How much leverage you have
4/ ROI what’s the return on investment… Time and Money

What are some common mistakes you see business owners make with their businesses online profile?

  • Business owners listening to a single specialist or taking marketing advice from a Salesperson.
  • Trying to do it themselves as they see it as a cost rather than investment
  • Not understanding the importance of emotional intelligence
  • Only looking at their online presence as the Marketing Strategy. They forget the Offer Strategy (how the offer fits with the ideal customer) and Monitorization Strategy (things like how to effectively repurpose content for better reach for the dollar)

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