Your knowledge and actions Right NOW.. will determine your outcome…
Focus on your Sources of Traffic….
– Organic Traffic: from SEO, Signage
– Paid Traffic: Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Flyer and Leaflet drops etc
– Experts: Industry Experts recommendations
– Network and Referral Partners…
Ask Better Questions :
– Entrepreneurs solve problems by asking HOW…
– Marketers need to ask Smarter Questions… and they all start with the letter W. Who? What? Where? When? and Why?

2 main places to focus on for Good Ranking on Google in a Local Search.
1/ Ongoing ON-Site SEO – Blog Posts with Backlinks and Local Content.
2/ Ongoing OFF-Site SEO – on your Google My Business Page.
Remember the R’s in Google Ranking…. Relevant: Use Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases in your Content on your Website and on your Google Business page… What’s your ideal customer thinking?
….. Recent: Keep Content Recent, including Posts, Offers, Products and Reviews on your Google Page… weekly is best.
…….. Your Reputation is critical. Reputation is reflected by backlinks and MOST importantly your Google Reviews.
– It’s not just the Number of Reviews, it’s the average Rating and how Recent and Regular are the Reviews.

Allen Slev from Rapid Reviews was our guest presenter. Allen previously worked for Google. He was joined by another Google Expert in SEO, Dave Cane an Online Business Consultant.
Be 1st on Google for FREE Simple Strategies
3 Keys to Focus on with Online Marketing
– Keywords, On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO
Remember the R’s for Ranking on Google…
– Use Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases…
– Recent – have Recent Content and Reviews…
– Your Reputation is critical. Reputation is reflected by backlinks and MOST importantly your Google Reviews.
It’s not just the number of Reviews, it’s the average Rating and how Recent and Regular are your Reviews

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Google services are limited due to COVID-19
Google is reducing staff in offices so there are a few services that have been halted or are much slower than normal, these are all related to your Google My Business page;

– Google Reviews have been stopped for the present time.
– Business information edits will be prioritised for edits critical to health-related businesses.
and more…

Your Google E A T is your Reputation and a Critical Ranking Factor.
E A T is your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear to Google.
Google also knows that consumers want to deal with people and businesses that are experts. As well as authorities in their field. And are considered trustworthy.

Getting Your Share of Google Love in 2020
Want more traffic, conversions and profits for your business in 2020.

It’s NOT just SEO or good website structure

The 3 main things Google will take into consideration in 2020 for ranking you is;
….. 1/ Your EAT Reputation.
E-A-T is your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear.
…. 2/ Your Reputation with consumers feedback. What customers are saying about you your business, your service and your products.
….. 3/ UX which is User Experience. UX is basically how easy is your website is to navigate and get information on all devices.

Staggering Traffic Results from a Simple SEO Strategy!

To Have a Successful Online Presence You Need More Than Your Website

You Need an EFFECTIVE Traffic Strategy

Here are 2 Case studies… 18 times more website visitation from doing one simple free thing a few times.

The 3 typical Google Search Sectors are;

– Google Paid Ads known as Google Adwords (Google PPC)

– FREE Google My Business listings, which have business name, address, reviews, opening hours, link to the business website and more..

– Free Organic Search results from businesses.