The video shows an 85% increase in traffic in 30 days.

I’m going to show you results that were are achieved after 30 days with a Search Engine Optimisation Rescue Starter Pack.

Let’s Look at SEO and What Matters Most!

Good Search Engine Optimisation is essential for a web site to appear in a Google Search. This is a simple explanation of what matters most with SEO to have a better Google ranking.

Let’s face it when someone is looking for a product, service or solution to a question.
What do they do?
They ‘Google it’

That is why as a website owner you should understand what matters most with Search Engine Optimisation.

When we talk about SEO we are referring to Organic Search Engine Ranking. That is ranking in a search without paying for advertising for that page position on Google.

There are 2 types of SEO they are;


ON Site SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation done on your website to improve your Search Ranking.


OFF Site SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation done away from your website. That intern increases your websites search-ability and your Search Ranking.

An example of the most effective tool you can use for Off-Site SEO is your FREE Google My Business Pages. That is the listing that normally is below the paid adverts and these Google My Business listing has Google Reviews, a link to your website, your phone number, your trading hours, directions and a Google Map. Plus it has a short description of your business. Yes, all the details in one place, everything a ‘ready to buy’ customer needs.

Optimising your Google My Business Pages starts with keeping it up to date and getting regular Reviews.

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Let’s Focus on Your Websites SEO and What Matters

I will explain what you need to focus on with SEO. Keeping it simple for you to understand the hierarchy of website Organic SEO. And the importance of starting from the SEO Basics which is a website ‘Crawl-ability’. This is how well the website has been constructed so search engine bots can easily crawl a website and understand page layout and what links to what and what content is on each page. This starts with an XML file called a sitemap which lists the URL of each page on the website.

Crawl-ability is the very basic and most important part of the SEO Hierarchy. It’s the basic needs of a website to be found and ranked by Google.

You could relate it to ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs’ as the basics of life. The ‘physiological needs’ of a human. This includes breathing, food, water and shelter for humans.


Hierarchy of Website Search Engine Optimisation


However many website owners are mistaken as they believe that’s ALL they need is a well-constructed website. They believe that’s all they need to be ranked well in a Google search.

This is absolutely incorrect these days with nearly 400 new websites being launched every minute.

So with competition increasing at over half a million new websites a day.

You need to focus on more than Crawl-ability. You need to focus on the next few SEO levels in SEO Hierarchy. Which is  ‘Compelling Content’ and ‘Keyword Optimising’.

Compelling Content needs to be recent and relevant content that answers the questions that people are searching for when they do a Google search.

The most effective way to have Compelling Content is to do regular Blog Posts on your website. When you do this regularly Google will improve your ranking. As you will become considered as an authority in your field.

Got a new website or one that’s not performing?

Have you got a new website and want a quick hit of SEO?
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Want to be No.1 on Google?

You need a Search Engine Optimisation program that goes over a few months. Check out Find Net Solutions SMART SEO Programs




There’s an SEO Program for every Business and Budget

With over 2 decades of Digital Marketing experience Find Net Solutions, has refined the way Search Engine Optimisation is done. Find Net Solutions is one of the Gold Coast’s Digital Marketing Solutions providers they lead the way in more effective and affordable SEO Programs.

Dave the BDM of Find Net Solutions is Google Academy trained. As well as members of the Find Net Solutions team. Dave has also written and published several books the best 2 (by reviews) ‘Search Engine Optimisation 101’ and the other ‘How to be on Google’s 1st Page’.

How would you like an 85% increase in website traffic in 30 days?

Here’s a short video that shows;

  • the unique website visitors is 201 for the last 30 days, which is an increase of 85%
  • Pageviews are up 105% over the last 30 days.
  • the average time spent on a webpage is one minute and four seconds which is up 57%.
  • The Bounce Rate has improved by 10%, so it’s 64.18%.
  • 80% of the visitation to the website is from New Visitors.
  • Returning visitors was only 20% of the total traffic


SMART Search Engine Optimisation

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Find Net Solutions has 3 SMART SEO Program which offers huge savings over the other 3 SEO Programs. SMART SEO options are ONLY available if the website has been designed and developed by Find Net Solutions.

The reason for this is that the type and way a website is designed makes a HUGE difference to the ease and effectiveness of On-Site SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. With all Find Net Solutions SMART SEO Programs, you will SAVE $300 per month.

And YES, Find Net Solutions does offer Pay as You Go website options for new SMART Website designs and SMART eCommerce Shopping Cart websites.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of increasing the Quantity and Quality of traffic to your website through Organic (*free) search engine results.

How Does Google Rank Search Results?

In short;
Google wants to deliver the best results to the person search as possible. This takes in two main aspects.

1/ Your website needs to be well constructed (offer good Usability for users). Plus be SEO effective, so Google bots can easily crawl your website and index content to display in a search result on Google.

We have found from experience that better SEO results are easier and faster to achieve with SEO Smart Designed websites.

2/ How Google perceives you! 
A basic understanding of how Google prioritises ranking positions revolves around. Google’s belief that your business has the most Recent and Relevant information for the person searching. Plus, the business has a good Reputation in Google’s opinion.

This is a mix of;
– How long your business has been around
– Back Links to other websites and the quality of those websites
– Citations, which are listing of your Business details on online directories.
– Reviews on Google
– How popular you are. The number of visitors your website receives.

Google also defines your Reputation.
This is how much of an authority you are in your niche. This is achieved from a history of Regular, Relevant content being published on your website, on Related websites and Videos on YouTube.

Consider with over 300 new websites launched every minute. That’s nearly 1/2 Million websites a day. Google has a big job to crawls websites and index them and then display the best search result. It’s believed that it would take Google about 3 months to crawl the Trillion plus websites o the internet. Thus Quality is more important than Quantity in SEO.

Google is a business and makes money from businesses advertising on Google. Thus, Google needs people using its platform. So, Google wants to display the best paid and free (organic) listing for the person searching.

Inclusions in Search Engine Optimisation Programs

  • Keyword research
  • Metadata – updated per page
  • Page content optimisation
  • Content updated on the website
  • Website architecture review
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Google My Business Set-Up and Optimise
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Ongoing Tier 1 link building
  • Ongoing Tier 2 link building
  • Web 2.0 link campaign
  • Citation Campaign included
  • Directory Listing Campaign included
  • Focused ranking for Keywords
  • Content creation for On-Site and Off-Site SEO
  • Monthly report
  • Video Optimised for Google ranking

The SEO and Smart SEO Programs are;

Find Net Solutions also has The SEO Rescue Starter Pack

The SEO Rescue Starter Pack is a Once-Off SEO Boost for that NEW Website or that Website that Just is NOT Ranking as it should.
It’s recommended that you continue with Content Creation at least weekly more if possible. The Content should be Posted on your website and on your Google Business page. And we strongly recommend a few videos a month loaded and optimised on YouTube.

The SEO Starter Rescue Pack includes;

  • On-Site SEO Audit and Optimisation
    the depth of this depends on how SEO friendly your website platform is.
  • Keyword research
  • Metadata – updated per page
  • Page content optimisation

Off-Site SEO Audit and Optimisation

  • Google My Business Set-Up and Optimise
  • Updating and Optimising Citations
  • Tier 1 Backlinks building
  • Tier 2 Backlinks building
  • Video optimised for Google ranking


SMART Search Engine Optimisation

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Be Found on Google By Customers using Voice Search
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Hey Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Smart Voice Assistant or whatever you use on your mobile, computer, tablet or smart device.

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Quickie Tips to help you Save Time, Save Money and Reduce Headaches….
– Don’t Take Marketing Advice from a Salesperson
– Or a Specialist, Newbie or a Friend
– Always Start with the End in mind. And think of ROI, Leverage and Control with the tools you use online.
– Looking for a Website that Works?
– Web developers come in 3 main groups.
– IT Professional. This group mainly focuses on the Techie stuff
– The Graphic Professional – This group is only concerned about how good the website looks.
– The Marketers however they tend to be short focused.
– Then there is Online Business Consultants –

Your knowledge and actions Right NOW.. will determine your outcome…
Focus on your Sources of Traffic….
– Organic Traffic: from SEO, Signage
– Paid Traffic: Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Flyer and Leaflet drops etc
– Experts: Industry Experts recommendations
– Network and Referral Partners…
Ask Better Questions :
– Entrepreneurs solve problems by asking HOW…
– Marketers need to ask Smarter Questions… and they all start with the letter W. Who? What? Where? When? and Why?

2 main places to focus on for Good Ranking on Google in a Local Search.
1/ Ongoing ON-Site SEO – Blog Posts with Backlinks and Local Content.
2/ Ongoing OFF-Site SEO – on your Google My Business Page.
Remember the R’s in Google Ranking…. Relevant: Use Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases in your Content on your Website and on your Google Business page… What’s your ideal customer thinking?
….. Recent: Keep Content Recent, including Posts, Offers, Products and Reviews on your Google Page… weekly is best.
…….. Your Reputation is critical. Reputation is reflected by backlinks and MOST importantly your Google Reviews.
– It’s not just the Number of Reviews, it’s the average Rating and how Recent and Regular are the Reviews.

Allen Slev from Rapid Reviews was our guest presenter. Allen previously worked for Google. He was joined by another Google Expert in SEO, Dave Cane an Online Business Consultant.
Be 1st on Google for FREE Simple Strategies
3 Keys to Focus on with Online Marketing
– Keywords, On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO
Remember the R’s for Ranking on Google…
– Use Relevant Keywords and Key Phrases…
– Recent – have Recent Content and Reviews…
– Your Reputation is critical. Reputation is reflected by backlinks and MOST importantly your Google Reviews.
It’s not just the number of Reviews, it’s the average Rating and how Recent and Regular are your Reviews

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