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Importance of Getting Found on Google with Voice Search Optimisation

Be Found on Google By Customers using Voice Search
Be found by customers using voice commands to find your products and services.

Hey Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Smart Voice Assistant or whatever you use on your mobile, computer, tablet or smart device.

Chances are, you’ve also asked assistance via voice search. With either Hey Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Smart Voice Assistant or whatever you use on your mobile, computer, tablet or smart device.

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Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make Online Quickie Tips

Quickie Tips to help you Save Time, Save Money and Reduce Headaches….
– Don’t Take Marketing Advice from a Salesperson
– Or a Specialist, Newbie or a Friend
– Always Start with the End in mind. And think of ROI, Leverage and Control with the tools you use online.
– Looking for a Website that Works?
– Web developers come in 3 main groups.
– IT Professional. This group mainly focuses on the Techie stuff
– The Graphic Professional – This group is only concerned about how good the website looks.
– The Marketers however they tend to be short focused.
– Then there is Online Business Consultants –


The Business Whisperer’s Recession Buster Tips

The Business Whisperer… Perry Mardon shared key facts YOU NEED to understand and to do… to survive this Recession…
These include;..
– Be a better Marketer, understand your Ideal Client, define your Ideal Clients Wants.
– Their Needs and Desires.
– What they believe in,
– What they hate. Where are they and where do you need to put your message so they see, feel and connect with it.
– The other key point is understanding how to use their confidential bias. And market so they have no choice but to resonate with your message.
– UPGRADED Marketing and Sales
– Remember Confirmation Bias
– Choose Your Avitar Wisely
– Marketing Message Master Class
– Trend Watching
– Play the Game to Stay in the Game
– Know when to get out and when to Scale
– Optimise Strategic Thinking and Downgrade Stress
– End Overwhelm and Dysfunctional Stress (Master Class)

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Proactive Business Ideas during COVID-19 Pandemic

You need to communicate even more with your customers online.
Through your Website, social media like Facebook, B2B on LinkedIn and with your Email newsletters etc…
Let your customers know things like;
– What your hours of operation are
– What extra services you now offer
– What they can expect as service, follow up, payment etc
– What safety measures you are taking for them.

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Google Update and Bigpond Issue

Google services are limited due to COVID-19
Google is reducing staff in offices so there are a few services that have been halted or are much slower than normal, these are all related to your Google My Business page;

– Google Reviews have been stopped for the present time.
– Business information edits will be prioritised for edits critical to health-related businesses.
and more…