SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is about how to make your website rank high on a Google organic search, with out paying for the position.

This is different to Google Adwords where you are paying for the position in a Google Search.

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How Google friendly is your website?

Your Google search results are directly linked to how Google (using its many algorithms) see your website to be relevant to the search words a user is using in a search. This is referred to as your Google Index.

To rank well in the free organic search it helps to have recent and relevant content for the people searching for that information. The more Google see you meeting it’s algorithms parameters the better your websites indexing will be and the higher in a search you will appear.

This relies on effective ‘On Site’ & ‘Off Site’ SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

Caution Googles Algorithms are constantly changing and using out of date SEO practices can get you blacklisted in a Google Search.

SEO Search Engine Optimization needs to be done on an ongoing basis. The main reasons are that Google regularly changes it’s algorithms and your competitors improve their website SEO

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