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Looking at saving money, having a professional website and rank well on Google?

Best Value… DIY Websites and DIY eCommerce Websites

Are looking at saving money and having a professional looking website that is very search engine friendly and ranks well on Google?

I’m Dave from Find Net Solutions for over 20 years we’ve been helping people with effective web solutions.

That’s why we’ve created these DIY Websites, Do It Yourself Website. Websites with 36 Premium templates to choose from. They’re all professional looking, very easy to edit. You quickly change the theme colours, fonts, images, and everything else. We’ve also loaded in the back end, a way that you can access, up to 2 million stock images at no cost to use.

Plus, we have added a special image compression plugin, that will shrink the file size of the images, so the webpage loads faster. As well as 24/7 Security monitoring with firewall, for added security.

Your DIY Website comes with an SSL Secure Certificate and is hosted on a premium dedicated server. Plus Find Net Solutions offers you one on one support for life. Free training is also included. Along with access to support videos, that offer training and show you how you can edit your Do It Yourself Website. The Premium templates all have simple drag and drop editing. Your DIY Websites is one of the easiest websites to edit and update,

The DIY Websites are the world’s most search engine optimized for better Google ranking. Plus, we add extra search engine functionalities for when you’re doing blogs, it will automatically ping all the main search bots to come and index your keywords and images.

There are 36 different premium website templates for all business types. So, whether you’re a medical practitioner, a lawyer, a DJ, or a band, a photographer or a church. Maybe, you need to have a website for your personal resume or professional profile. There are Do It Yourself Website templates to suit all businesses including landing pages. Gaming templates, for construction businesses, travel agency or gyms. There’s a DIY Websites template that will suit you and they’re all very flexible and can be changed and easy to edit and update.

As a bonus with every Do It Yourself Website, we have added extra plug ins. So, you can just click and activate many extra plugins. Including plug ins for a Chatbot, a Pop-Up Maker so that the pop up will open when people scroll the in the page or after a certain amount of time. You can use it to promote something or subscribed to your newsletter. Other plugins include Save, Share, or SMS. That’s so website visitors can share a page to their social media or SMS to friends.

DIY Websites and DIY Online Stores Made Easy

The reason why we set these DIY Websites up is because for years we’d see people fall into the trap of getting one of those limited DIY Websites from Go Daddy, Wix, Weebly, Square Space or Shopify. Your Do It Yourself Website from Find Net Solution is more flexible, search engine friendly and you have control.

At the end of the day, you own your Do It Yourself Website, you can download the files and put them on another server somewhere else. It’s yours. It’s, not like one of those other Go Daddy, Wix, Weebly, Square Space or Shopify websites. Where if you stopped paying your subscription you’ve lost your complete website and start all over again. So, with a Do It Yourself Website from Find Net Solutions you get all those extra SEO, Marketing and Security features that we throw in. That you won’t get anywhere else. And we think that’s important.

With a DIY Websites from Find Net Solutions you own it, you have control, leverage, and flexibility to grow as your business grows. All without costing you an arm and a leg.

Apart from the fact that the DIY Websites is flexible to grow as your business grows and pivots. That you can add an online store with eCommerce interface, E learning platform or a Membership platform.

Plus, your Do It Yourself Website that is the most search engine friendly platform that you can have. You’ve also get one on one support and training.

So, just click the link below and we’ll send you a bit more information.


SAVE $377 on your Do It Yourself Website