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The video shows how effective a Smart SEO Website is with Google Ranking.

Here’s another example of the effectiveness of Google ranking websites with Smart SEO website from Find Net Solutions.

The GCNCC, Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce website is just over a month old. Yes, the domain has been around for over a decade. GCNCC wanted a new website because the old website and platform was too restrictive and didn’t rank on Google very well.

The CCIQ and the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce have an event coming up in conjunction with Southport Chamber of Commerce. Now, both the CCIQ, (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland) and the Southport Chamber of Commerce put the article about the event up on their websites. Prior to the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce putting the article upon the GCNCC website.

When you do a Google search for the CCIQ Better Business breakfast. The first result in a Google Search is the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce. The second Google Search result is the original post that was posted on the CCI IQ website. Then the link to the homepage of the CCI IQ website, because in the search we had CCIQ.

Then the fourth result on the first page of Google for CCIQ Better Business breakfast is for the Southport Chamber of Commerce. So even though the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce was the last article published. It is also the newest website between the three it outranks the CCIQ and Southport Chamber of Commerce websites.

That just comes down to being a Smart SEO Website designed and hosted by Gold Coast Website Design Find Net Solutions. The other astounding thing is that the article that went up on the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce, was picked up and index by Google, within one hour of it being published.

So there you go again. Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce ranks so well because it’s a Smart SEO Website from Find Net Solutions Gold Coast Website Design. Who are your Google Ranking and SEO Search Engine Optimisation experts.

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