Server Upgrade Notice

We are Making Your Website Safer and Faster

We are upgrading the web & mail servers for all our clients. This involves migrating clients from another server.

Note: This effects most of our clients as they use their domain name email address.
If you still use a Gmail, Bigpond etc or you use Office 365 then This Does NOT Effect You.

Unless We Do Not Administer your Domain Name, then you will need to change your domain DNS Settings to;


Clients please read this may effect you. server upgrade

We have delegated all domain names to the new server (that is if we administer the domain for you)

Note: Your email Incoming Mail Sever setting & maybe your Outgoing Mail Server settings will need changing.

From – If your existing Incoming & or Outgoing Mail Server Settings are;

  • or in some cases the Mail Server Settings can also be

If your Outgoing mail server is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) like Bigpond eg. then that will normally NOT require changing.

Other Email Account Settings should be;

Username – is your complete email address (this should have not changed)
Password – the password for the email address (this should have not changed)

Mail Server Settings for Incoming & Outgoing are as above

In More Settings (this may be called something different in some email programs)

  • Outgoing Server Tab – You normally need to Tick the option ‘The Outgoing Mail Server needs authentication’  & the option ‘Use same settings as Incoming Mail Server’.
  • Advanced Settings Tab
    Incoming Mail Server
    – POP3 Accounts
    – Use Port 995 & tick the requires SSL (Also found to work Port 110 without SSL can work if you can’t get 995 & SSL working)
    – IMAP Accounts – Use Port 993 & tick the requires SSL (Also found to work Port 143 without SSL can work if you can’t get 993 & SSL working)Outgoing Mail Server – Use 465 & tick that it requires SSL (Also found that Port 25 with no settings like SSL can work if you can’t get 465 & SSL working)


There may be a few variants, however we have found that the above settings work well on the majority of email programs.
However you may need to try unchecking the SSL check box
or the check box ‘My Outgoing Server needs authentication’.

Your username & password will NOT Change
You will NOT Loose any emails with the migration of severs.

If you don’t know how to edit you Email Program Mail Server Settings, find out what email program & version you have & we will send you a link with instructions, or Google it. Or call Dave on 0438 852 789

Helpful Links

Need to Access Your Emails & Settings

Webmail is your direct access to your email server from any online computer, to send, receive emails and much more.

Go to Your user name is the email address & the password is the password for that email address.

The new server update also has an updated webmail mail platform with;

  • The option of 3 ways to view, send & receive emails from the mail server. These are Horde, RoundCube & SqurelMail
  • Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts for most email programs
  • Mail Client Manual Settings
  • At the top right (next to log out) you can edit your;
    Password & Security, Configure Mail Client, Calendars and Contacts, Email Filters, Forwarders, Autoresponders, Contact Information, Track Delivery, BoxTrapper & Review Queue

So if you are having trouble with your email program or it’s configuration you can send & receive emails direct from the mail server by accessing your webmail.