Rent 2 Own Online Stores Now More Profitable with Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping commission is normally 10% to 40% per sale

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Make more per sale with Drop Shipping

Rent 2 Own Your Online Stores can now be much more profitable for you.

Make 10 times more on every Sale!

Rent 2 Own Online Store Using Drop Shipping allows;

1/ You to make more money per sale

The original Rent 2 Own Your Online Stores sold either eBay or Amazon Affiliate Products. eBay and Amazon Affiliate commissions vary from 1% to 8%.
Now be careful with eBay as you may see the commission range expressed as 50% to 70%. However that is 50% to 70% of what eBay’s makes selling from the product supplier. Not 50% to 70% of the price of the product. There is a huge difference.

2/ You get Paid First

With Rent 2 Own Your Online Store Drop Shipping you get paid first by your customer and then you pay the supplier. However with affiliate products the supplier gets paid first and your commission sits in your affiliate account that is normally paid to you the following month.

3/ You don’t hold inventory or do the shipping.

With all of our Rent 2 Own Online Stores. Both as an Affiliate or with Drop Shipping. You DO NOT buy the inventory in before you sell it. The customer purchased the product and then the supplier ships it direct to the customer.

You are the middle man (or woman) however you never see or handle the product. Thus you don’t have to have a garage full of stock, waiting to sell.

4/ Drop Shipping is scaleable

If you choose to Drop Ship the right products through your Rent 2 Own Online Store. You will have a good ‘Mark Up’ as a dollar value not just percentage.

An example is;
If you choose a low cost product with high percentage like a $2 Widget and make 40% then you make .80 cents.

Or if you sell a $250 product and you make 20% you will make $50 per sale.

Now if the products you are Drop Shipping have a high dollar value. Which is high enough you can afford to do paid advertising on Facebook and Google. Allowing you to scale up your business making more sooner from your Rent 2 Own Your Online Store.

Choosing the Right Product

Choose your product niche wisely

1/ Is the product trending up or down. It’s not smart to try and selling ‘fax machines’ in 2020

2/ Is there enough profit in the product for you to pay for advertising and scale your business?

3/ Are you genuinely interested in the product as you will need to promote the product to gain traction in the market place.

4/ Consider the product price point;
For example the lower cost products are an easy sale. No convincing. Hey if it’s only a few bucks, who is going to spend hours trying to save 3 or 4 cents?

However the high the dollar value of the product the more the consumer will consider value for money, what other say, how much is it from competitors, what’s the warranty etc.
So you will need to have more supporting articles about the products including reviews and comparisons.

5/ Is the Drop Shipping Company reliable?
Or are they always low on stock, have poor customer service, slow to deliver the products to your customer. Check out your supplier thoroughly.

Rent 2 Own Your Online Store

They are set up for you and costs less than a Cup of Coffee a day.

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