Google Update and Bigpond Issue

Google services are limited due to COVID-19

Google is reducing staff in offices so there are a few services that have been halted or are much slower than normal, these are all related to your Google My Business page;

– Google Reviews have been stopped for the present time.

– Business information edits will be prioritised for edits critical to health-related businesses. This includes ‘special hours of operation of businesses’ for verified listings.

– Newly created listings, claims, and verifications will manually be reviewed for critical health-related businesses.

– Business Q&A through your Google My Business page listing is also unavailable.

This is the Google Support link

bigpond logo banner

Bigpond uses are missing emails.

We have seen huge issues with businesses who rely on and use their Bigpond email address for business.

Many business suppliers and customers emails are ending up in the Bigpond Spam. Or worse, Not getting delivered at all. Bigpond has tried to reduce spam to customers. And in doing so has stopped a huge amount of once trusted emails getting into the inbox.

This is terrible as a business owner and if it’s your email address than you are now black listed as a Spammer.

Tip for those businesses using Bigpond email accounts for business. Check your spam folder at least twice a day and mark all trusted email as that, trusted ie White List those emails you trust.

This another reason why I suggest do NOT have your email address with your Internet Service Provider.

What if you want to change to another Internet Service Provider. You loose your email address straight away. We suggest thinking ahead of time, take control of what’s yours. And start using your domain name email or have Gmail accounts for business.

If you need a hand with anything like this please contact us here.