Be Careful Choosing Your Online Business

There’s a few simple things to consider

CAUTION…. Stay away from the scam, ponzi and dud online business opportunities.

There has been a huge increase of people looking for other ways to make money!

Which has brought out even more people pushing opportunities and so called businesses. Many are either scams, ponzi schemes or are totally dud online business and direct sales opportunities.

Don’t be court out by any of those desperate people and their unscrupulous businesses and con artist tricks.

I’ve fallen into most traps and been conned by many so called opportunities… please take CAUTION.

lady with empty purse

Always think about;

1/ How much Control do you have in the business and it’s future success.

2/ How much leverage do you have

3/ What is your ROI (Return On Investment).
ROI applies to return on your investment of your Time as well as your Money.

Caution Tip One – Take the emotion out of your decision.

When deciding if you’re going to buy into or join and online business or opportunity. Do it without your emotions dictating your decision.

With all business decisions, take the emotion out of it. Take a step back and take a rational look. DO NOT Jump in!

Caution Tip Two –  Take take advice from a Salesperson

Be careful not to take too much notice from a Salesperson.

Are you being offered an opportunity just because someone will profit from your decision. Are they more interested in money in their pocket or your success?

Caution Tip Three – What are you getting for your investment?

What are you really getting for your money?
1/ Is the business or opportunity tangible? Does it have a real product or is just a membership you’re buying.

2/ Does the products have real value (value for money) and is there real demand in the market place.

3/ Do you have to keep buying the products over and over, month after month to stay active.

This also applies to a bricks and motar business. What are you really buying… A story… a projected return… so called good will?
Is the stock and equipment really worth it?

Caution Tip Four – What support, mentoring will you get?

What support, mentoring will you get and at what cost?
Or are you stuck trying to figure it out on your own

Caution Tip Five – What’s the longevity of the business?

Is the business or opportunity focused on a passing trend?
Is it sustainable? Or is it just a passing trend.

Caution Tip Six – Can you gain skills for future ventures.

What knowledge and valuable experience will you gain that can help launch you into another or larger enterprise.

Caution Tip Six – What’s the exit strategy?

Is there an exit strategy?
And please don’t get sucked into the MLM residual income fantasy.
As that is very rarely real. Most successful MLMer jump from one MLM
opportunity to the next and drag their down line with them.
Is that really an ethical exit strategy? 

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