You Need More than a Website

Staggering Traffic Results from a Simple SEO Strategy!

To Have a Successful Online Presence You Need More Than Your Website

You Need an EFFECTIVE Traffic Strategy

Case Study of 2 Clients

Here we have 2 new business clients both have the exact same website structure, SEO functionalities. Both eCommerce Store were completed in the second half of this year.

One followed our simple, free marketing strategy and now has an average of 900 visitors a day.

The other client did nothing after the website was launched and has an average of 50 visitors a day.

18 times more website visitation from doing one simple free thing a few times.

Screenshot stats from a website

The reason for showing this is that you can get traffic to your website for free with a few simple actions. However not all traffic is good traffic. And traffic with out conversions is at least a start. As this could be brand awareness.

Screenshot stats from a website

NOTE: That this traffic is not all customers these are mainly Search Engine Spiders or Bots and Spammers and Spam Bots. One doing good looking to list new key words for Google. And the other trying to find a way to hack this same website.

However if you don’t get traffic from Search Bots, your website won’t get listed in Search Results and you won’t get Traffic that results to Conversions.

This is a great example of how you can have the best constructed website with great SEO functionalities built in. BUT if you don’t let the Search Engine Bot’s know you’re there then your Traffic and your Conversions will suffer.

What makes that amount of difference?

Both the websites are WordPress websites which is the most SEO website platform there is.

At Find Net Solutions Web Design, our team adds some extra On Site SEO functionalities. So every time you ‘Publish’ a ‘Post’ (Blog Article) the software Pings (notifies) 60 plus search engine feeders bots. Then those search engine bots know there is new recent content to index at your website. So they come crawling and indexing keywords, images etc.

This simple back SEO program is done on every Find Net Solutions web site designed website. Then when the client does a few regular Post (Blog) articles. Then that can make a difference of 18 times more traffic. This is with out spending a cent! 

However if you are stuck with a Wix, Go Daddy, Yellow Pages, True Local, Shopify or similar restrictive websites then you’ll just have to put up with the average traffic. Which may be even worse than the second example (above).

Below is a diagram that shows how much Organic Traffic is generated for a standard WordPress website and a Wix website. The SEO advantage you have with WordPress is huge.

And it’s even greater when you use the simple Find Net Solutions web design Traffic Strategy we recommend.

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wordpress vs wix websites organic traffic

To see how we can help you please Contact Us Here!