A SEO Experts Regularly Cause Business Owners Griefseo fail

You probably get email after email & many phone calls from experts that can put your website on the 1st page of Google.

Please Do NOT hand over any information, usernames or passwords to anyone before you talk with your website developer.

Case Study 1

We have a good client & back in 2003 we set up a HTML style (old style now) which back then was a non editable multi page website & was always ranked well in a Google Search.

The business owner looking to increase business from his website paid a company (Google Expert) to do his PPC Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaign for him which cost him a lot, for the return they he received (which is normal for PPC advertising)

Then he was convinced by another web developer to register 2 more related domain names. Good Idea! however as the developer really only want to make money & not do the right thing by the client (like most SEO so called experts). So this other web developer built another 2 HTML websites.

The dumb thing about this is that now he has 3 websites for the same business & this weakens his authoritativeness, in the eyes of Google, so he shot himself in the foot, as it drastically dropped his search ranking. However to add salt to the wound this developer did not use a CMS Content Management System (new style) web site but a less effective old HTML style website. Our client was now left with 3 websites that he needed to pay someone to make updates to & he paid out heaps of money to be ranked worse.

Question; Is better to have only one listing for your business high on the 1st Page of Google or is it better to have 2 or 3 listings on the 2nd & 3rd page for the same Google search?
Answer; of course it is better to have one listing, high on the 1st page of a Google Search.

What can you learn from this;
1/ If you want to buy a spot in a Google search result, contact us for your PPC Adwords campaign.
2/ If you want more traffic ask us 1st for advice, we are going to be less bias as you are already our client.

3/ Never give your website log in details to anyone, regardless of how talented they say they are, until you check with your existing web developer

4/ Price alone for a service, is not the same as value for money.

5/Ignore those so called SEO Experts.
What is an Ex Pert, Ex is a ‘has been’ & a ‘spert’ is a drip under pressure.