SEO and Online Trends for Your Business 2020

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Getting Your Share of Google Love in 2020

Want more traffic, conversions and profits for your business in 2020

It’s NOT just SEO or good website structure

The 3 main things Google will take into consideration in 2020 for ranking you are;

1/ Your EAT Reputation.
E-A-T is your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear. You show your Expertise, Authoritativeness with On-Ste and Off-Site SEO. On-Site SEO is done most effectively with Blog or Post articles. Off-Site SEO is done most effectively through your FREE Google My Business Page. ‘Trustworthiness’ is reflected with things like having a Secure Certificate and your URL is httpS, rather than http.
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2/ Your Reputation with consumers feedback. That’s Social Proof (this is NOT to be confused with Social Media.. and or marketing).
Social Proof is Reviews and feedback. What customers are saying about you your business, your service and your products.
The most effective way to leverage your Reputation is with Reviews on your FREE Google My Business Page.
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3/ UX which is User Experience. UX is basically how easy is your website is to navigate on all devices (screen sizes).
Your website needs to be ‘bot or spider friendly’. Search bots and spiders need to be able to easily crawl, navigate and then index content and keywords from your website.

User Experience applies to things like how fast your web site loads. Does your content have a high readability score. Is the content conversational with short sentences.
UX also applies to gramma, how easy your content can be listed for Voice Search. Hey Siri!
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google love

So if you want traffic you need to focus on getting Google Love. And not worry about Social Media Marketing.

Let’s face it… if people are looking for your Product or Service what would they do?

They’ll Google IT!

As a business owner are you looking for more FREE ‘Traffic’ to your business. Or just ‘Branding’, more awareness of your business?

Let’s focus on more traffic, conversions and profits for your business in 2020.

So we don’t need to talk about Social Media marketing on Facebook, Instagram or similar! As social media is only effective with branding or paid advertising. Not SEO or free traffic of people looking to buy now.

Google it

That’s talk about Google trends with search results.

Business Viability 101 and Google.

For Google to be a viable search engine. Google needs to display the best search results for users. Giving value to the consumer, the searcher!

Google also needs revenue to be a viable business. That is why Google has paid listings. The paid listings are PPC, Google Pay Per Click adverts. These 4 paid adverts are at the top of a search result.

Google My Business pages are the next 3 listings in the search results. Being below the (up to) 4 paid adverts on the first page of a typical Google search. The Google My Business Pages are the 1st FREE listings on Google’s first page. Then the last 2 positions on the first Google results page are Organic listings, which are also free listings. Read more about Google Page Ranking

Please understand that just because you get traffic doesn’t mean you will get conversations and make a profit… Your ‘Businesses Online Effectiveness’ is about getting traffic and converting that traffic… Want an Online Health Check to learn more about ‘Your Business Online Effectiveness’ – click here.

google my business page

Google Search Results Preference in 2020 and beyond

Google My Business pages are important to Google because;

  • Google can deliver the best information easily and conveniently about your business to a user of the Google search. And will continue to make Google My Business Pages a priority in Google search results.
  • And Google My Business pages also gives Google away to increase awareness of Google paid advertising.

Google will continue to optimise FREE search results around their own product the Google My Business page.

So you as a business owner need to claim, verify and continually optimise your Google My Business Page.

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