Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success No2 Recap

Main topic was ‘How You Can Make Time’

#2 Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success

We are running Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success!

These short 30-minute Zoom meetings are to help business owners be more effective, efficient, and profitable in their business. We invite experts in different areas of business and business development to be guest presenters.

Note these are NOT a sales pitch

Quickie No2 Recap

This Quickie Tips and Tools was an ‘Ask Dave’ session where Dave Cane answered question that came form people challengers and frustration in business and online.

The challenge that many people have is ‘Not Enough Time’. This was what the Quickie Tips and Tools was around

How You Can Make Time

In this Quickie Tips and Tools video replay you’ll see a simple process where you can gain an extra working week every month. That’s an extra 40 hours every month, 480 hours every year.

PLUS understand a way effective workflow strategy.

Where you’ll see how you can do a series of projects or tasks 2 different ways. One is the way most people do them. The second way is more efficient and can be done in half the time most people do the same tasks.

Other tips included;

  • where NOT to look up or register a Domain name.
  • A Zoom tip on how to easily re-join an expired zoom meeting with multiple audiences if it times out and closes.

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Quickie No2 Recap Suggestion and Tools Offered

The must-read book by Mel Robbins ‘The 5 Second Rule’ 5 Second Rule bookto help create a habit to get out of bed early and overcome in action and procrastination with any task.

FREE Landing Pages – FREE for life, no credit card down. The catch is that it’s a Standard account and they want you to upgrade sometime in the future.

The FREE account gives you 3 Landing Pages that are your for life and no hosting fees, ever. Get the Landing Page Offer here – https://findnetsolutions.com/Groove-Pages

If you need a hand with this or understand the benefits between these FREE Landing Pages and creating landing pages within your existing website. Please book a call with us so we can help.

Groove Pages video cover

Quickie No2 Recap Other Tools Offered

Limited FREE* Power Course in Sales

Sales Power Course Online Training – delivers a Sales Training Video to your inbox every day for the next 5 days on the below topics:

Day 1: Building Relationships
Day 2: Prospecting
Day 3: Follow Up
Day 4: Handling Objections
Day 5: Negotiating/Closing the Business

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The other BONUSES are only for attendees of the Quickie Zoom Meeting.

Get access to watch the recorded Quickie Zoom Calls after you register –  https://findnetsolutions.com/zoom-registration/

Aldwyn Altuney

Quickie Guest Presenters Coming Soon

Our Next Quickie Guest Presenter is… Aldwyn Altuney, the Media Queen.

She will be sharing how to get free publicity!
To improve your Brand and expand your reach online and offline.

See more about Aldwyn Altuney the Media Queen at – https://aaxpose.com/

Following on after our Next Quickie

We’ll be sharing ‘Simple Google Ranking Strategies for 2020 and Beyond’. 

This Zoom Meeting will explain simple things that a business own needs to make sure is happening in and around their Online Presence. Including what you need to focus on to rank on Googles first page for FREE.

Dave has been recognised as expert in SEO for decades. Dave has written & published several books the best 2 (by reviews) ‘Search Engine Optimisation 101’ and the other ‘How to be on Google’s 1st Page’.

Dave and our guest presenter our Google Insider will outline in simple language so all business owner will understand. What the latest SEO Trends, help you understand the Hierarchy of SEO, Explain what Google EAT is and why it’s important to your Google Ranking.

What others say…

Warren Tapp of Tapp Advisory

Warren Tapp is a Business Advisor for Companies and their Directors. “The information and the tips and tools was delivered so it was easy to understand. I will be able to help my client be more profitable in business.”

See more about Tapp Advisory  ▶︎ https://tappadvisory.com.au

Jane Dearden from Jimmys Bargain Barn

Jane Dearden managers Jimmys Bargain Barn at Stapylton Qld. “With the insights on how to understand their customer better. They all will be able to grow their business and give their customer better service and product that alight with their expectation.”

▶︎ https://www.jimmysbargainbarn.com.au/

Tanya Gill from Signs 4 Business

Chris and Tanya Gill own Signs 4 Business, Sancrox near Wauchope and Port Macquarie. “Fantastic Quickie zoom meeting, I took pages of notes. With what Dave, Nicky and Brian shared will help us understand our customers better. Making us more effective at marketing to new customers.”

▶︎ https://signs4business.com.au

Jeff Sommers a Reputation Marketing Specialist

“It was great information and easy to follow. This will help me understand my customers better. And help me to help other business with more effective marketing.”

▶︎ https://reputationmarketingspecialist.com.au