What is Google E A T?

What Does Google’s ‘E A T’ Mean?

Your EAT Reputation is a Critical Ranking Factor.

E A T is your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear to Google.

We need to remember that Google needs to give ‘the person searching Google’. The best results possible so Google can generate revenue from paid advertising.

Google also knows that consumers want to deal with people and businesses that are experts. As well as authorities in their field. And are considered trustworthy.

However your website needs to be ‘bot or spider friendly’. Search bots and spiders need to be able to easily crawl, navigate and then index content and keywords from your website. Plus your website content need to have a high readability score. That is easy to read by humans and bots.


You need to be seen as an expert in your field.

Expertise can be shown as your skills in your business niche. This is  done on your About Us page which is normally the second highest visited (& crawled) page of a website.Google Reviews icon healthcare

Expertise is shown in other content on your website. Especially in your Blog articles as they CAN Be indexed faster than a normal web page content can be indexed.
However this applies to websites designed by Find Net Solutions. We can’t make that claim for other web designers.

Doing Blogs and posting content is an important part of On-Site SEO.  Here is a case study of 2 identical eCommerce websites one getting 18x more traffic.

Expertise can also be shown to Google with Off Site SEO. This can be back links. These are links to your website from other websites or directories. This includes Citations.

Better still is having reciprocal links. A reciprocal link is a back link that your website links to. An example is if you are a member of an association. And on the Association website it has a link to your website. As well as a you having a link to the associations website from your website. Then that is a reciprocal link.

Expertise can also be shown as a Post (an articles) images and videos on your Google My Business page.

Youtube is owned by Google so videos on Youtube are an extremely powerful.

Regardless of any On Site or Off Site SEO that you do. You will be much more effective if the platform is optimised. When we mean optimised. We mean that the Google My Business page or YouTube has easy to read descriptions, and if other tags and images can be uploaded that they are names descriptively.

Ask yourself!
Would an experts page, article etc be done half hearted? or look and read like they are Experts?


You need to show Google that you are an authority in your field.

This is similar to Experience. Authoritativeness is demonstrated best by doing regular and relevant Blog posts / articles. Google Reviews icon chart
This needs to be done both ‘On-Site SEO’ with website Blog posts.
Here is an article on outsourcing Blog writing

An effective form of Off-Site SEO that show Google you Authoritativeness. Is with regular and relevant content being posted on your Google My Business page.

Authoritativeness can also be shown in social media with regular posts. And people leaving reviews and following you. However be warned that this is no where near as powerful as many think. As most people go about it the wrong way and post on their social profile and forget about their website.

Be smart, do your main business Posts on your website Blog or News page first. And then share that link to your Social Media profiles. This way the extra traffic from social media to your website shows Authoritativeness to Google as it is more traffic.

Plus you are repurposing content and doing it the most effective way possible.

Authoritativeness can also be shown with back links to your websites from other websites and directories.


You need to show users they can trust you.

Trustworthiness is especially important for eCommerce websites that ask users for their credit card information. Everything about your site should make users feel safe while they’re visiting.

Every website NEEDS a Secure Certificate?
The SSL Secure Certificate is depicted by the URL prefix being httpS (rather than just http).
This is critical for Google and and internet security programs. As they want to display only sites that visitors can trust.
See other articles on SSL

Trust is also built with your Reputation. Reputation Marketing can be cheaper and more effective than Social Media marketing for new business. Especially if you are improving your Reputation that Google reflects on your Google My Business page.

Google’s stats are that 88% of consumers trust Google Reviews as much as a personal referral. This is a higher percentage younger consumers. However 88% is the stat across all age groups of consumers.

Important thing to remember about Reviews.Google Reviews icon rating

It is not just the number or quality of the star rating or reviews that matters. Google looks mainly at how regular and recent the reviews are. Plus the words people are using in the review.

What are your customers saying about you?

Remember your customers perception is the most important thing.

And Google knows this and uses algorithms that looks at E-A-T. Your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear.

Business reviews affect your bottom line.

When you’re easy to find, you’re easy to choose.

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