When Not to Use a Search Engine

Q/ Do You Do This? – If so we can save you time, just by changing a simple habit.

You will be surprised the number of people who take the slow, long way around to go to a particular website.

website search  & address bar

Just say you have the website address of a website eg facebook.com how would you get to the website

1/ Would you put the address in a search engine like Google or Bing? then read through the search results to go to the website. Hope Not as this is the dumb, slow way. This way makes you sift through search engine results to then click on the link to get to the website.

2/ Be Smart put the website address straight into your web browser address bar (address field, web address location bar or URL bar).

Being Smarter by NOT Using a Search Engine to  find a website when you have the exact website address allows you to go straight to the website. One simple step, thus the smart way.

This is critical when going to a non searchable website address eg a https (secure site) a webmail or server web address as these website locations are NOT Searchable simply because they are specifically for a limited uses, not for the general public.