When writing a Blog or News Article the content (Copy) is King.seo copy writing is king

Here are a few tips that will help you to write copy that will engage your readers & improve your ranking in relevant Google searches.

You need to have articles (Blogs, Posts) of between 250 to 500. Which is in 3 good paragraphs.

It is a good idea to stretch these out.

Here is an example of some copy that may be used by one of our new clients for their news page, SVS Engineering Services who inspect & certify pressure vessels to comply with Australian Standards & OH&S.

It is important to be very descriptive using lots of keywords so instead of just saying ‘the inspection‘ make it ‘the high pressure vessel integrity inspection‘ also instead or using the word ‘it‘ change it to be something like ‘air compressors like the 50 litre pressure vessel pictured to the right‘ is similar to the kind used in many automotive repair word shops’

To write good copy it is best to try & stick with a single theme for an article & break it into;

  • Article Introduction (paragraph)
  • Present the Reason for the Articles (Blog / Post’s) existence.
    Your post needs to have a purpose…… It’s to address a specific problem -There’s a problem that needs to be solved
  • Content of article (2 or 3 paragraphs)
    Explain how the article (Blog/Post) will help address the problem – explain to the reader what the post will provide for them, and why it’s valuable information for them.
  • Conclusion (1paragraph) wrap up the article with reminders about, do it now & save money, do it now & be certified, do it now for peace of mind, be OH&S, save downtime etc ……
    Call to acting – if you have a similar situation, contact us today

If you are getting someone else to write blogs or news articles for you, they will need you to provide the basics of article.

So if you would like Find Net Solutions to write copy for your blog/posts (news articles) please contact us today.