The Future of AI and Content Creation

Google and the broken link with AI Content

AI and Content Creation

What’s the Future with AI Content

What is December 2022 Google algorithm update?

Google rolled out a new update on December 14, 2022, and was called the December 2022 link spam update. It took 2 weeks to roll out completely.

December 2022 link spam update

This update utilises SpamBrain AI to;

  • Detect sites buying links
  • Sites used for passing outgoing links

What SpamBrain Does

It neutralises links that it considers spam. This means it does not count these links in the backlink profile, which brings down the website’s ranking.

You won’t be notified if you’re hit by this update.

SpamBrain AI has been launched globally, across all languages

What’s different about this Update

This is the first time Google is using AI to detect spam links.

Negative SEO from spammy links is a problem only if you built these links yourself.

Since the link is only neutralised, there is no link juice passed. This means the site does not benefit from the link.

Sites across different languages saw different fluctuations.

Google clarified that this is the first time they have really implemented SpamBrain AI.

Recommended ways to build links in 2023

How to build a solid link profile in 2023 and avoid getting neutralised by SpamBrain?

Here’s are some tips to build a solid backlink profile in 2023 –

  • Posting your content on linkable websites and social media like Reddit.
  • Getting your content visible on platforms frequented by journalists.
  • Emailing people who are experts on your topic or have written similar articles.
  • Getting your content to rank on Google so journalists and reporters link to it.

These tips may not work to be 100% effective, but don’t give up!

Content is still King… as long as your Content is relevant and gives real value and not plagiarism of spammy.

To Conclude

SpamBrain will neutralise your links that it finds are spam. These links will stop passing link juice and in turn stop benefiting your site. This could bring down the credibility of your backlink profile and pull down your SERP ranking. Although not a penalty, it could feel like it.

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