The Business Whisperer’s Recession Buster Tips

Decide like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs did.. Your Survival Depends on your Thoughts and Actions… NOW

Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success No. 11

We are running Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success!

These short 30-minute Zoom meetings are to help business owners be more effective, efficient, and profitable in their business. We invite experts in different areas of business and business development to be guest presenters.

Note these are NOT a sales pitch

Quickie Tips of Business Success No. 11 Recap

This Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success.. Was done to answer some feedback from Business owners their Biggest Challenge was ‘How do we survive this Recession?’ 

So the main topic was…. REcession Buster Tips from the Business Whisperer‘.

The presenter was Perry Mardon he’s a Human Behaviour, Business Expert. As well as a sought after speaker who’s presented to Wella, World Wide Salon Marketing, ANZ Bank, Action International, BMW and many more. He’s also a TEDx Speaker.

Perry is not only an experienced Business Strategist.Perry Mardon the Business Whisperer

He has a gift, like the character played by Simon Baker from the show ‘The Mentalist’.  He can look at someone and identify their unconscious blocks limiting their business success
and their natural gifts and purpose in life.

I call Perry Mardon the Business Whisperer for these reasons :)

Surviving this Recession

We are about to see the biggest gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ that we have seen in modern history.

Which side will you be on?”

Your survival depends on your thoughts and actions… NOW

The Business Whisperer… Perry Mardon shared key facts YOU NEED to understand and to do… to survive this Recession.

These include;

Be a better Marketer, understand your Ideal Client, define your Ideal Clients Wants. Their Needs and Desires. What they believe in, What they hate. Where are they and where do you need to put your message so they see, feel and connect with it.

The other key point is understanding how to use their confidential bias. And market so they have no choice but to resonate with your message.

  1. UPGRADED Marketing and Sales
  2. Remember Confirmation Bias
  3. Choose Your Avitar Wisely
  4. Marketing Message Master Class
  5. Trend Watching
  6. Play the Game to Stay in the Game
  7. Know when to get out and when to Scale
  8. Optimise Strategic Thinking and Downgrade Stress
  9. End Overwhelm and Dysfunctional Stress (Master Class)

Perry also has 2 FREE – Urgent Recession Busters Masterclasses…

Marketing Message

End Overwhelm and Dysfunctional Stress

Now it’s your turn to learn how Steve Jobs grew Apple’s loyal followers.

A Brain Science-Based Marketing Messaging System for Attracting Perfect Clients and Becoming the Dominant Business in Your Niche.

Businesses are going to be culled in the recession. Using the information in the Recession Buster Masterclass will ensure it’s not you and your business in the firing line.

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Decide Like Richard Branson.

How to End Overwhelm, Optimising Your Brain for Quality Decision Making in this Stressful Time

Businesses are going to be culled – to ensure you make the best strategic decisions it is imperative that you optimise your entrepreneurial brain by ending overwhelm and excessive stress.

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The other BONUSES are only for attendees of the Quickie Zoom Meeting.

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What others say…

Warren Tapp of Tapp Advisory

Warren Tapp is a Business Advisor for Companies and their Directors. “The information and the tips and tools was delivered so it was easy to understand. I will be able to help my client be more profitable in business.”

See more about Tapp Advisory  ▶︎

Jane Dearden from Jimmys Bargain Barn

Jane Dearden managers Jimmys Bargain Barn at Stapylton Qld. “With the insights on how to understand their customer better. They all will be able to grow their business and give their customer better service and product that alight with their expectation.”


Tanya Gill from Signs 4 Business

Chris and Tanya Gill own Signs 4 Business, Sancrox near Wauchope and Port Macquarie. “Fantastic Quickie zoom meeting, I took pages of notes. With what Dave, Nicky and Brian shared will help us understand our customers better. Making us more effective at marketing to new customers.”


Jeff Sommers a Reputation Marketing Specialist

“It was great information and easy to follow. This will help me understand my customers better. And help me to help other business with more effective marketing.”