Regular Email Account Maintenance Can Save You

It is critical that you regularly maintain your email account. This is especially important if you have the email account set up as an IMAP.@ symbol and tools

When you set up a new email account in most email programs, it will probably automatically select IMAP rather than POP. IMAP is the default so emails can be viewed, deleted etc from multiple devices.

Having emails set up as IMAP requires more maintenance to your email account than previously (before mobile devices) when POP accounts were the norm.

IMAP emails sit on the server, which takes up valuable space. POP emails are downloaded to your hard drive. As server (hosting & cloud storage) space is much dearer than the hard drive storage (memory) on your computer.

Here are a few tips to save you from increased costs in hosting fees;

          • delete emails that are no required, do this as you go and once a week go through old emails and delete them.
          • save and organise images and documents to another cloud server like Dropbox or an icloud account

A FREE Dropbox Account can be downloaded using this links –

You can set up Dropbox on multiple devices so you can easily save, manage and share images and documents.

Here is another handy tool for maintenance IMAPSize 0.1.1 – IMAP Account Maintenance Tool




What Do You Mean Hosting is not Hosting?cheap affordable webhosting

Remember that famous TV advertisement for Castrol Oil, ‘Oils ain’t Oils Sol‘. Were the Mafia Boss demonstrates that the effectiveness of the oil is more important in the long run than the cheap upfront cost that Sol paid for a budget oil.

Well guys hosting is the same the cheap option is not always the best solution for your business, So Hosting ain’t Hosting Guys.

Not all hosting’s the same

When researching web hosting many people fail to recognise that in fact not all hosting is the same. Hosting is the essential link between your website and the internet, but can often become a baffling and confusing annoyance.

There are three things that you need to care about when looking at hosting; stability, security and value. Find Net Solutions covers all these providing a reliable and secure server which is part of a world class hosting infrastructure, with the right price to suit any budget.

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