Understanding SEO and What Matters Most

Search Engine Optimisation is important for a website to be ranked by Google. This is a simple explanation of what matters most with SEO. So you can have a more effective online presence.

Let’s face it when someone is looking for a product, service or solution to a question.
What do they do?
They ‘Google it’

That is why as a website owner you need to understand what matters most with Search Engine Optimisation.
Please Note: When we talk about SEO we are referring to Organic Search Engine Ranking. That is ranking in a search without paying for advertising for that page position on

There are 2 types of SEO they are;

  1. ON Site SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation done on your website to improve your Search Ranking.
  2. OFF Site SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation done away from your website. That intern increases your websites search-ability and your Search Ranking.
    An example of the most effective tool you can use for Off Site SEO is your FREE Google My Business Pages. That is the listing that normally is below the paid adverts and these Google My Business listing have Google Reviews, a link to your website and Directions etc.
    However using and optimising Google My Business Pages is a topic for another day. Want to know more contact us at

Let’s Focus on Your Websites SEO and What Matters

I will explain what you need to focus on with SEO. Keeping it simple for you to understand the hierarchy of website Organic SEO. And the importance of starting from the SEO Basics which is a website ‘Crawl-ability’. This is how well the website has been constructed so search engine bots can easily crawl a website and understand page layout and what links to what and what content is on each pages. This starts with an XML file called a sitemap which lists the URL of each page on the website.

Crawl-ability is the very basic and most important part of the SEO Hierarchy. It’s the basic needs of a website to be found and ranked by Google.

You could relate it to ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs’ as the basics of life. The ‘physiological needs’ of a human. This includes breathing, food, water and shelter for humans.

Hierarchy of Website SEO


However many website owners are mistaken as they believe that’s ALL they need is a well constructed website. They believe that’s all they need to be ranked well in a Google search. This is absolutely incorrect these days with nearly 400 new websites being launched every minute.

So with competition increasing at over half a million new websites a day.

You need to focus on more than Crawl-ability. You need to focus on the next few SEO levels in SEO Hierarchy. Which is  ‘Compelling Content’ and ‘Keyword Optimising’.

Compelling Content needs to be recent and relevant content that answers the questions that people are searching for when they do a Google search.

The most effective way to have Compelling Content is to do regular Blog Posts on your website. When you do this regularly Google will improve your ranking. As you will become considered as an authority in your field.

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Reviews of Your Business, Products & Services

The online review has become the most effective, trusted method for consumers to check out companies and products before purchase. Online reviews have such a powerful impact on purchasing behaviour, so let’s take a look at what this means for business owners.

How Do Online Reviews Affect Search Engine Rankingsonline reviews

Earning a steady stream of customer reviews is one of the most important pieces of a local business’s online marketing campaign. Experts believe customer reviews can improve a business’s rankings on Google—and plenty of consumer research suggests they are a key piece of the purchase-decision process .

So now that you, the local business owner, know how important reviews are, make sure your customers know, too.

Now is the time to develop a plan to reach out to them and ask them to leave public feedback for your business. This can be done with printed material to hand to customers as they purchase from you or electronically such as a personalised email or a status update on Facebook. If you combine this with a promotion or giveaway this normally increases the participation rate.

The most used Review Sites

  • Google My Business
    These are the reviews that show on the right hand side of Google’s search results. Google’s Pigeon algorithm update uses location and distance ranking criteria to improve local search results. As a business owner, you should ensure that your website is correctly optimized for search with verified accounts on local directories, most importantly Google My Business. A verified local Google+ page enables you to respond to reviews while reviews, comments, images, etc. boost your search rankings.
    By far Google+ & Google My Business pages are the most important place to focus with reviews and articles. After optimising your own website and adding recent and relevant articles.
  • Facebook
    RATINGS AND REVIEWS – You can find this on the left-hand sidebar on your Facebook Page. Any Facebook user can post a rating or review (making it visible to their friends), which the Page owner cannot remove or edit.
  • Yahoo Local Listing
    This is similar to Google My Business and enables users to post reviews of businesses using a five-star rating system.

Let’s start with some don’t and then move on to some dos.

Don’t Consider:

  • Using review stations in your place of business.
  • Writing fake reviews for your own business.
  • Paying a third party to post fake reviews, posing as a customer.
  • Paying a third party to post any review on behalf of anyone else. Customers must leave their own reviews using their own accounts.
  • Getting too many reviews at once. They may trip filters at the review sites that will cause the reviews to be deleted.

Do Consider:

  • Linking to your review profiles from your website.
  • Creating simple print materials, listing places customers can review you, to be given to the customer at the time of service.
  • Training staff with direct contact with customers to request a review from them upon completion of service.
  • After completion of service, following up with an email linking to places a customer can review your business (don’t include Yelp).
  • Requesting reviews during an after-service follow-up phone call.
  • Letting your customers review your business at their review site of choice. Review diversity is good for both customers and search engines.

Articles resourced from – How Do Online Reviews Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

Starting April 21 2015, Mobile Friendly Website are critical.Mobile Friendly Test in Google Web Developer Tools

Google will be expanding the use of mobile-friendliness as a Search rankings.

This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

Q/ Is your website mobile friendly?

If NOT Mobile Friendly you will continue to drop down in Google Search Results

Q/ How mobile Friendly is your website?

We can evaluated your website mobile friendliness with Google – contact us if you would like this done

If your website is not ranking well with Google your website needs updating or upgrading.

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For many internet marketers, ranking high in search results isSEO Content Marketing still their top priority, churning out landing page after landing page filled with keywords and chasing results that will prove their SEO is ‘working’.

It’s time to shake off the old ranking mindset, and start thinking more like your customers. You can still incorporate keywords as part of your strategy, focus should be on really understanding your audience and delivering relevant, high-value content.

Organic search strategy works best when it addresses a specific need or topic. You can have multiple variations for keywords with any topic, so the focus should be on what the user is looking an the article should be written so that your client can find what they need.

We need to keep in mind that Google’s algorithm rule of thumb is to deliver organic search results that best helps the searcher find the answer they are looking for. So with this in mind you need to start with content that helps your clients.

SEO shouldn’t be treated as its own campaign or strategy. Your organic search efforts need to work together with all other aspects of your digital marketing in order to increase their effectiveness.

The problem with traditional SEO working within its own silo is that it doesn’t account for other channels and traffic sources. It doesn’t factor in your email marketing, content marketing or social media activity. It’s no longer about keywords and rankings, but producing content on subjects that are of real interest to your audience, and that they need in order to solve problems or overcome challenges.

Google’s new push

In the past 12 months Google has made some big changes to organic searches that will drive the future of SEO.

Googles most recent Hummingbird algorithm has the capability to understand conversational queries, driving the need to produce quality content even more.

As Google continues to tweak its systems & algorithms, & looks for ways to capture new signals, we’re naturally being pushed to adopt a more strategic approach to SEO.

This means as a business owner you need to assign a person’s time to spend more & more time continually adding recent & relevant articles on your website, blog, Google+ as well as other social & engaging platforms.

Make your page contents more Search Engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimisation tip 3Recently we noticed one of our clients doing one of the biggest No No in SEO, with a news article he put up.

It may look OK to us a big glossy image, however a Search Engine would not find it or be able to index the keywords, as it has non. The only people that would see the October Specials are the people who receive the monthly emails newsletter.

Search engine cannot see the graphics & wording on images, they just see the file name & description plus any wording (text) in the body of the page.

So image 1 (top image) is what a person visiting the webpage will see (click for larger view).
While image 2 is what a search engine see & it takes the image name & description from that. In this case nothing.

So what to do;

  • Have the image, smaller so they can click to make it larger, this gives space on the page to have descriptive text that can be read & indexed by search engines.
  • Name the image when saving it before uploading it, make it something like ‘Business_Name_Brisbane_October_2013_ Specials.jpg’Search Engine Optimisation tip 4
  • Describe the specials being offered in October
    eg ‘Business Name Brisbane October Special are Blah Blah ….. Please remember you can charge your Capricorn Account & we deliver anywhere from Brisbane & the Gold Coast suburbs to the wider regions of Queensland & Northern NSW. We are MTA & RACQ Approved Service Centre. Bla Bla…..
    By doing this Google can crawl this article & list all those important words relative to this business & index them for when people are looking for that special or those services or a MTA or RACQ Approved Service Centre in Brisbane.

Image 2 (to the right) Click to see larger view. This is what a search engine bots or spider see, not interesting or informative.

By the way this is one of Find Net Solutions WordPress website with special SEO Functionality that wasn’t used either.

Note: The reason we didn’t make a big thing about the business name & what they do is we want people searching for them finding their website not this article. This article is to help you be more effective with your online marketing.



Search Engine Optimisation with Find Net Solutions Gold Coast

We have installed special SEO functionality in all our clients WordPress websites that dramatically boosts their Google ranking & fast.

A few tips to maximise its effectiveness;

  • Add a descriptive Title with a maximum of 60 characters
  • Add a descriptive Description with a maximum of 160 characters
  • Add descriptive Keyword that are relevant to the article.
  • Add descriptive Tags that are relevant to the article.

The power of this functionality is even more awesome when we install & activate our other special Search Engine Pinging programming. The pinging program instantly notifies over 5 dozen search engine feeders when you publish or update a Post (News, Specials articles).

Search Engine Pinging doesn’t happen with publishing of a normal page, only posts (news items) thus the importance of using the Search Engine software (described above)

Fact: The more often you update your website content & use the functions available the strong your website will rank on Google.

Look at the awesome growth of the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce jumped 10 fold within 6 months & at the present time it gets nearly 123,000 unique visitors in the last 12 months (1.2 million hits)

webstats GCNCC oct 2013




Increase your websites SEO effectiveness with imagesgoogle search

We have installed special SEO functionality in many of our clients websites that dramatically boosts their Google ranking.

However there is a simple way of linking your website to be listed with Google & that is with images.

When you save an image on your hard drive,

  • save it at a sensible size in pixels width & height (max 1000 pixels) and consider the file size (KB & MB) because if it is too big it will load too slow & people will move on to a competitors website (see below)
  • name the image with descriptive keywords & string of keywords, so rather than photo1, name it Find_Net_Solutions_Google_Consultants_Gold_Coast.
  • Make sure you don’t have spaces between words by using either a minus sign (-) or and underscore (_). The reason is the space between characters creates unnecessary code when loaded into a website, this then miniseries the effectiveness of getting the image to be ranked by Google in Google images that linkSearching the Google Search Engines back to your website.

Size facts;
Things to remember about image sizes is that when you reduce an image size by 25% it will reduce the file size by not just 25% but at least twice the expected file size & the higher the original image resolution & type of image can increase it even more.
eg a few facts about the image to the right how it was to how it now is after resizing.

  • 1024 × 768 pixels is 194,028 bytes (197 KB on disk)
  • 256 × 192 pixels is 21,030 bytes (25 KB on disk)






What Do You Mean Hosting is not Hosting?cheap affordable webhosting

Remember that famous TV advertisement for Castrol Oil, ‘Oils ain’t Oils Sol‘. Were the Mafia Boss demonstrates that the effectiveness of the oil is more important in the long run than the cheap upfront cost that Sol paid for a budget oil.

Well guys hosting is the same the cheap option is not always the best solution for your business, So Hosting ain’t Hosting Guys.

Not all hosting’s the same

When researching web hosting many people fail to recognise that in fact not all hosting is the same. Hosting is the essential link between your website and the internet, but can often become a baffling and confusing annoyance.

There are three things that you need to care about when looking at hosting; stability, security and value. Find Net Solutions covers all these providing a reliable and secure server which is part of a world class hosting infrastructure, with the right price to suit any budget.

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It is so inexpensive to increase your website traffic, if you know how.web stats shows increased traffic over 700 percent growth

One of our new clients recently asked to help increase their website traffic. Now although Find Net Solutions was handycapped by not developing the website, it was inherited from the previous web developer, we gave it a shot.

There was very little we could do to optimize the existing website for Search Engines, it looked good just not very search engine friendly.

Anyway we carried out the Google Local Listing MIN package we offer & for less than $500 our new client had an increase of 700% traffic nearly instantly.

Now this client can do much more to increase that further with out spending huge money. This same client pays True Local over $2,500 per year to help increase traffic!!

As you can see from the image that the unique visitors (not just hits) even after spending thousands only averaged 7 visitors a day. However with the help of Find Net Solutions increased that by over 700% to 53 unique visitors per day.