Domain Name Search Submissions

Be very very careful when you get contacted to have your domain name listed with search engines. These people have just harvested you contact details from the domain register or a re-seller of domain names, for the purpose to offer you an over priced service that is NOT REQUIRED.scam alert

If we at Find Net Solutions manage your account your domain name registration cost includes Domain Name Search Submission at NO extra cost.

There has been a huge increase recently in spam emails from Domain Listing Services & others jumping on the band wagon. The soliciting emails look convincing and no double have court out many people that have thrown their money away.

Please call us if you have any questions about domain names or you get any emails or phone calls from anyone or any company that is trying to sell you a domain service.



Smart Business with Domain Names

Have you got every domain name for your business. The reasons why is to;

  • Protect your business & trading name
  • Have extra forwarded & search engine submitted domains to help increase traffic to your website.

Be careful and be smart, contact us for Domain Name Registrations, here is the reasons why to choose Find Net Solutions.

domain name registration and search engine submission

If you have recently registered a domain name, you will get bombarded with phone calls & emails from companies from the other side of the globe.

These companies are either chasing the new domain name registered person to;

  • have their new domain name submitted to search engines. Their service cost from $49 USD to over $80 USD per year.
  • Develop a website for that domain name
  • Set up hosting for the domain name
  • Do SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

The fact is that when you get us (Karanda Holdings Pty Ltd – Find Net Solutions) to register a domain name for you we automatically submit the domain name to search engines and yes at no extra cost. We then get all those pesty calls & emails.

So before you register a domain name yourself and think you are saving money, think smart business and get Find Net Solutions to do it for you and be assured every thing is done & done right. The added bonus is we speak plain english (however with an aussie accent)

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