We can all make a difference in someones life

Karanda Holdings Pty Ltd – Find Net Solutions would like to encourage more people & businesses to Pay It Forward, do something to help others, to make their lives better, without expecting anything in return.

In business we can support individuals, businesses &  community groups. We should encourage customers & other businesses to show gratitude & pay it forward.

You can Pay It Forward in may ways. You could show your gratitude to others in business, do as little as to take the time & making a positive review for those businesses that have given you good service.

An example would be making a positive comment or review on their social business pages like;

  • Google+ page
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Send an email, you can just send a business a thank you / testimonial email. It will make them feel good & they can add it to their website & then can share on their social media.

You can make a difference in someones life – Here is a the movie shorts of Pay it Forward –