Smart Website Design and SEO Tips Week 23

How to use Google Business Messages to Talk with Your Customers.

Gold Coast Website Design and SEO Tip Week 23

What sets you apart from the competition?Google Messages with Chat on your Google Business Profile
Outstanding customer service.

Q/ When people are looking for a Product or Service…  What do they do?
A/ They Google IT

Q/ What is the highest FREE listing you can have in a Google Search?
A/ Your GBP Google Business Profile, which has your Google Reviews, Google Map and Direction, Business Website, Operating Hours and your Business Description and images.

Now your Google Business Profile has Google Business Messages.

Google has many features you can use to improve your customer service. Today we shed light on Google’s Business Messages.

Offer chat to your customers and help them solve their queries faster. This is an additional step you can take apart from putting your contact details on your website.

What are Google’s Business Messages?

If you’re looking for a solution for real-time chat customer service, then try Google’s Business Messages.

What do Google Business Messages do?

Google Business Messages put a chat feature for your business accessible from

  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Google Business Profile
  • Your Website

Your customers can chat with your team across multiple channels and devices.

Where to find Google’s Business Messages

As a business owner, you can set up the chat feature on –

  • Google Business Profiles
  • Through third-party apps

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Setting up chat on Google Business Profiles for Single Location

Local businesses can turn on the chat feature easily from their Google Business Profiles (GBP).

Turn on the feature directly from Google search, if you have a single location.

  • Search for your business in the search field
  • Find the Google Business Profile management tiles on the left
  • Click on the “turn on chat” tile
Turn on Chat on your Google Business Profile

Setting up chat for multiple locations on Google Business Profile

If you’re managing multiple Google Business Profiles (GBP) and locations, turn on chat using the Business Manager.

You will see “Messages” instead of “Chat” in the business manager dashboard.

Chat becomes Messages when managing multiple Google Business Profiles

Edit your Google Business Chat Welcome message

  • Go to either the Google Maps or Google My Business App
  • Click on “Customers and Messages”
  • Choose the “Edit Welcome Message” option
  • Edit the Welcome Message and then Click “Save”
Google Maps and Google Business Apps
Google Messages welcome message set up

The Bottom Line

Turn on chat directly from your Google Business Profiles. If you want more features, try third-party apps.

Why is Your Google Business Profile and Google Chat/Messages So Important?

When people are looking for a Product or Service… What do they do?

They Goooggle IT, right?

FACT …. Your Google Business Profile is the highest FREE Google listing your Business can have in a Google Search

So use your Google Business Profile to your advantage.

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