Search Engine Optimisation with Find Net Solutions Gold Coast

We have installed special SEO functionality in all our clients WordPress websites that dramatically boosts their Google ranking & fast.

A few tips to maximise its effectiveness;

  • Add a descriptive Title with a maximum of 60 characters
  • Add a descriptive Description with a maximum of 160 characters
  • Add descriptive Keyword that are relevant to the article.
  • Add descriptive Tags that are relevant to the article.

The power of this functionality is even more awesome when we install & activate our other special Search Engine Pinging programming. The pinging program instantly notifies over 5 dozen search engine feeders when you publish or update a Post (News, Specials articles).

Search Engine Pinging doesn’t happen with publishing of a normal page, only posts (news items) thus the importance of using the Search Engine software (described above)

Fact: The more often you update your website content & use the functions available the strong your website will rank on Google.

Look at the awesome growth of the Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce jumped 10 fold within 6 months & at the present time it gets nearly 123,000 unique visitors in the last 12 months (1.2 million hits)

webstats GCNCC oct 2013