Google PPC Experts a new wave of telemarketing callsgoogle search

Recently it seems we have had an huge increase in telemarketing pushing that they are your answer to Google Adwords success.

Yes we still get hammered by SEO pestering telemarketing and now another wave of Google Adwords experts.

Lets face it that paid Google Ads can be very expensive, then you have the agency’s campaign set up cost and their weekly (or monthly) management fees.

Recently I was asked by an existing customer to try another Google Adwords Agency because another business he knows in the area seems to be having success with them. He thought it was going to be better value for money.

We need to remember that competitiveness of every business type and area significantly effects the cost of Google Ads, as it is an auction for your relevant keywords for the best position.

So we took on this other Google Adwords Company, I called this Google Adwords Partner and contracted a 12 week agreement. They reduced their normal rate, however this still cost 50% more than what we normally charge in set up and weekly management fee.

We found

  • The cost was 50% more in set up and in weekly management fees than we charge
  • The other Google Adwords Company made only a slight difference in results
  • Then I seemed to loose that customer service
  • Then they did nothing for the last 4 weeks of the 12 week period, yet we paid them weekly to manage the campaign.

The day after the 12 week contract finished.

Yes! I received a phone call from a telemarketer for another Google Agency, offering a free appraisal of a PPC Campaign.

I received  the free appraisal which picked the new Google Adword campaign apart. I was shockedadwords how these so called professionals bagged the other companies work, wanting to start from scratch, set up and monitoring fees. Then their special set up cost and monitoring fees was even more that the last company.

So I suggest that if you want a Google Agency to set up and manage Google Adwords for you, contact us, then ignore all those telemarketers.

Why pay more and get the same or less, let us help and offer professional customer care.