5 Guideline to Good Email CommunicationEmail

Emails are the ultimate good news/bad news communication resource. When done correctly, they are fast and valuable communication tools. When done poorly, they can be “breeders” of miscommunication and often a waste of time.

Here are some proven techniques to effectively craft emails and make it easier for recipients to respond quickly and completely.

1/ Be Brief
Limit emails to one screen and a single subject whenever possible. Here’s a tip…try emailing like you text.

2/ Be Clear
Brief is good…but be sure to also make it clear, concise and action-oriented.

3/ Minimise Questions
Limit the number of questions you ask or action items you assign to four or fewer. The more questions in the email, the less likely you are to get a response. Likewise, the more action items you assign, the less likely you are to get results.

4/ Provide a Complete Response
When responding to an email, read it carefully and be sure you address all of the sender’s items or questions. It is more informative, and reduces time-wasting back-and-forth emails to say, “I don’t know about…” than to simply ignore an item or question.

5/ Proofread and Edit
Always proofread emails before sending…you can’t always rely on spell check. Clear up any potential ambiguities. Check for and remove excess commentary that doesn’t contribute to your desired result.