Server and Hosting Packages

We have expanded our Server Space to cater for the huge increase in email server space required by businesses.

The main reason why businesses need to increase their email server space, is most devices now used for emails automatically use the setting IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) when setting up email addresses.

IMAP gives the flexibility to view, delete and send emails from multiple devices and they are synced across all devices with that same email account.

The reason why larger mailer server space is required. The Mail Server keeps (stores) the business emails on the server in the Inboxes or Folders set up on your devices. Previously the main email format used was POP (Post Office Protocol) which downloads the emails from the server and they are stored on your computers hard drive, saving all that server space.

With the advancements and the flexibility now available, using multiple devices and be able to sync them means that you can operate your business email communication better. However you need the server space to house your emails.

Mail Server Packages  (includes Business Premium Website Hosting)


Disk Space1.5 GB15 GB30 GB50 GB65 GB
transfer per month
10 GB150 GB250 GB350 GB450 GB
Emails AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
per month
Billing Cycle
Per Annum$349$595$695$795$995