You can drastically increase your Google Search Engine Ranking with out paying a cent...Google search result diesel service Sydney

The way you Choose, Use & Place Keywords & Key phrases makes a huge difference.

A few things to remember:

  • Place the main Keywords (‘search terms’ you wish to be found by) at the start of Page Titles, Page Descriptions, Sentences, Paragraphs & especially Reviews (like Google Places page & True Local listings) The closer to the start of the Title, Description etc the MORE Weight Google places on those words.
  • Put the FLUFF Last. The most common fault I see is that people want to waffle first & give the Keywords or Search Terms last.– Example 1: We have offered quality service for over 30 years to vehicle owners from our A1 Diesel Fuel Injection Service Centre, Sydney.Google search result diesel service NSW
    – Example 2: A1 Diesel Fuel Injection Service Centre, Sydney has offered vehicle owners quality service for over 30 years.

So Example 2 is a hands down winner for the key search terms are ‘Diesel Fuel Injection Sydney’  Diesel Injection Service Sydney’  ‘Diesel Injection Sydney’

It just took a bit of Common Sense – Ever noticed the common sense isn’t that common….

These screen shots are a few examples of how Gemini Diesel took advantage of our SEO Services to out ranked his completion just by having his website Title, Page Descriptions, Keywords & Google Local Listing Places page optimised by us.

  • Gemini Diesel doesn’t pay Google for his listing like the Pay Per Click ‘Westend Diesel’Google search result diesel service
  • Gemini Diesel ranks better than all other Diesel Injection Service Centres in NSW with 3 of the top 4 results.
  • Gemini Diesel ranks 2nd ONLY Once in a ‘Sydney’ search directly below the business with Sydney in their domain name. Plus has more listing in any other local search than any of his competitors.