Make your page contents more Search Engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimisation tip 3Recently we noticed one of our clients doing one of the biggest No No in SEO, with a news article he put up.

It may look OK to us a big glossy image, however a Search Engine would not find it or be able to index the keywords, as it has non. The only people that would see the October Specials are the people who receive the monthly emails newsletter.

Search engine cannot see the graphics & wording on images, they just see the file name & description plus any wording (text) in the body of the page.

So image 1 (top image) is what a person visiting the webpage will see (click for larger view).
While image 2 is what a search engine see & it takes the image name & description from that. In this case nothing.

So what to do;

  • Have the image, smaller so they can click to make it larger, this gives space on the page to have descriptive text that can be read & indexed by search engines.
  • Name the image when saving it before uploading it, make it something like ‘Business_Name_Brisbane_October_2013_ Specials.jpg’Search Engine Optimisation tip 4
  • Describe the specials being offered in October
    eg ‘Business Name Brisbane October Special are Blah Blah ….. Please remember you can charge your Capricorn Account & we deliver anywhere from Brisbane & the Gold Coast suburbs to the wider regions of Queensland & Northern NSW. We are MTA & RACQ Approved Service Centre. Bla Bla…..
    By doing this Google can crawl this article & list all those important words relative to this business & index them for when people are looking for that special or those services or a MTA or RACQ Approved Service Centre in Brisbane.

Image 2 (to the right) Click to see larger view. This is what a search engine bots or spider see, not interesting or informative.

By the way this is one of Find Net Solutions WordPress website with special SEO Functionality that wasn’t used either.

Note: The reason we didn’t make a big thing about the business name & what they do is we want people searching for them finding their website not this article. This article is to help you be more effective with your online marketing.