It is so inexpensive to increase your website traffic, if you know how.web stats shows increased traffic over 700 percent growth

One of our new clients recently asked to help increase their website traffic. Now although Find Net Solutions was handycapped by not developing the website, it was inherited from the previous web developer, we gave it a shot.

There was very little we could do to optimize the existing website for Search Engines, it looked good just not very search engine friendly.

Anyway we carried out the Google Local Listing MIN package we offer & for less than $500 our new client had an increase of 700% traffic nearly instantly.

Now this client can do much more to increase that further with out spending huge money. This same client pays True Local over $2,500 per year to help increase traffic!!

As you can see from the image that the unique visitors (not just hits) even after spending thousands only averaged 7 visitors a day. However with the help of Find Net Solutions increased that by over 700% to 53 unique visitors per day.