Smart Website Design and SEO Tips Week 21

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How to use Links and Anchor Text Tips.

Find Net Solutions, Gold Coast Website Design and SEO Tip Week 21

Anchor Text Links are the backbone of link building. The correct mix can boost your ranking exponentially.

What are Anchor Texts?

The words you use for linking to another website is called anchor text. Google pays a lot of attention to these words.

Anchor means to LINK one location to another and this is what anchor text does between two websites.

Why Is Anchor Text Important?

Anchor texts enhance the user experience by giving them access to more information, and thus. enhance your SEO.

NOTE: Anchor texts can also be used to link to initiate downloads, like documents on files like Google Drive. Always click anchor texts from sites you trust. You don’t want any malicious ware on your system.

Smart SEO Tips

These are IMPORTANT Tips with any Links

Smart SEO Tip 1

When ever you are linking to another website, ALWAYS have the link open a New Browser Window.

Smart SEO Tip 2

Make sure you also enable a Nofollow Tag when linking to another website.


Reason 1.
You don’t want the Google Bots to follow the link to the other website. You want to keep them on your website. You just want the back link and Google Bots to crawl your website from other websites… Get their Google Love… Don’t give your Google Love away.

Reason 2.
If the link does not open in a New Window… Then when your website visitor, visits the other webpage, document or makes that phone call and they then Close that program or webpage. Then your website is also closed.

If you linked it to opened in a New Browser Window. Then they can close the other document, website or hang up that phone call and your website will still be there for them.

Find Net Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Tips on Anchor Text.

Here are 10 Types of Anchor Text you must know.

1/ Branded Anchor Text

This one is quite obvious – this occurs when you’re using your brand name as an anchor text. For example, using the anchor text Find Net Solutions to link back to our blog page.

2/ Naked Link Anchor Text

This occurs when you are using your naked URL to link to your page. For example, is a naked link anchor text.

3/ Generic Anchor Text

A generic anchor text uses a generic term as an anchor. ‘Click here’ or ‘learn more’ are examples of common generic anchor text that you see everywhere.

4/ Exact-match Anchor Text

An exact match link anchor text refers to anchor text that is exactly the same as the keyword you are hoping to rank.

For example, you are using an exact-match anchor text if you used the anchor text ‘Find Net Solutions Services’ to link to a page that you’re trying to rank for the keyword ‘Find Net Solutions Services’.

This was once the darling of SEOs everywhere, the over-optimisation penalty has made us cautious of using too many exact match anchors to point to our sites. Use this with caution.

5/ Partial-match Anchor Text

A partial-match anchor text refers to an anchor text that contains some variation of your target keyword within. For example, using the keywords ‘Find Net Solutions Aussie DIY Websites’ to link to a page about Aussie DIY Websites.

6/ Brand Name + Keyword

This is a variation of the partial match anchor text where it includes your brand name as well as your target keyword. For example, ‘Find Net Solutions for Search Engine Optimisation Services’ is an example of this type of anchor text.

7/ Long Tail Link Anchor Text

Another variation of the partial match anchor text, the long tail anchor text simply has more keywords in the anchor. These are usually four words or more long and contains your target keyword as well, like ‘Find Net Solutions Aussie DIY Websites

8/ Page Title Anchor Text

This occurs when you use the title of the page as the anchor text. This is usually used when linking to an article or blog post, like 5 SEO Elements for Better Google Ranking

9/ Image Anchor Text

Images can contain anchor text but we normally refer to them as the image alt tag. This is the text that Google crawls to determine what the image is about since it can’t really decipher images that well.

10/ LSI Anchor Text / Synonyms

LSI refers to Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s a concept that arouses some debate in SEO as to its effectiveness. Some swear that it works for SEO, others say LSI doesn’t work, while some even suggest that Google may not even be using LSI in its algorithm. But for our purposes, it is another type of link anchor text that you can use.

This involves using synonyms of your target keyword in your anchor text. For example, if you’re trying to rank for the key phrase ‘Aussie DIY Website’, your link anchor may be ‘DIY Website Builder’, ‘Do It Yourself Website’, ‘Do It Your Website Builder’ and so on.

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