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Let’s Look at SEO and What Matters Most!

Good Search Engine Optimisation is essential for a web site to appear in a Google Search. This is a simple explanation of what matters most with SEO to have a better Google ranking.

Let’s face it when someone is looking for a product, service or solution to a question.
What do they do?
They ‘Google it’

That is why as a website owner you should understand what matters most with Search Engine Optimisation.

When we talk about SEO we are referring to Organic Search Engine Ranking. That is ranking in a search without paying for advertising for that page position on Google.

There are 2 types of SEO they are;


ON Site SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation done on your website to improve your Search Ranking.


OFF Site SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation done away from your website. That intern increases your websites search-ability and your Search Ranking.

An example of the most effective tool you can use for Off-Site SEO is your FREE Google My Business Pages. That is the listing that normally is below the paid adverts and these Google My Business listing has Google Reviews, a link to your website, your phone number, your trading hours, directions and a Google Map. Plus it has a short description of your business. Yes, all the details in one place, everything a ‘ready to buy’ customer needs.

Optimising your Google My Business Pages starts with keeping it up to date and getting regular Reviews.

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Let’s Focus on Your Websites SEO and What Matters

I will explain what you need to focus on with SEO. Keeping it simple for you to understand the hierarchy of website Organic SEO. And the importance of starting from the SEO Basics which is a website ‘Crawl-ability’. This is how well the website has been constructed so search engine bots can easily crawl a website and understand page layout and what links to what and what content is on each page. This starts with an XML file called a sitemap which lists the URL of each page on the website.

Crawl-ability is the very basic and most important part of the SEO Hierarchy. It’s the basic needs of a website to be found and ranked by Google.

You could relate it to ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs’ as the basics of life. The ‘physiological needs’ of a human. This includes breathing, food, water and shelter for humans.


Hierarchy of Website Search Engine Optimisation


However many website owners are mistaken as they believe that’s ALL they need is a well-constructed website. They believe that’s all they need to be ranked well in a Google search.

This is absolutely incorrect these days with nearly 400 new websites being launched every minute.

So with competition increasing at over half a million new websites a day.

You need to focus on more than Crawl-ability. You need to focus on the next few SEO levels in SEO Hierarchy. Which is  ‘Compelling Content’ and ‘Keyword Optimising’.

Compelling Content needs to be recent and relevant content that answers the questions that people are searching for when they do a Google search.

The most effective way to have Compelling Content is to do regular Blog Posts on your website. When you do this regularly Google will improve your ranking. As you will become considered as an authority in your field.

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