Google My Business / Google+ Business

Google My Business combines Google+ Business, Google Places & Google Maps

Although Google offers FREE Google My Business webpages, they are more value to a business when  optimized. The better your Google + business page is optimized, gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors in a Google search.

What is a Google+ for Business page?

Google+ Business pages were formally Google Places page. The Google+ link normally appears in a Google search result under the business name, when doing a Google Search for a specific business. (see example to right)

A list of Google+ Business page links can also appear with Google map markers, when you do a Google Local Search (searching goods or service in a specific location) eg ‘diesel fuel injection Sydney’
Google+ also lists Google Reviews for a business, as well as your Google+ page is Your Google Social Profile, that you can share & connect with others, in different circles.
The free Google local listings appear below the Google paid ads known as Google Adwords or commonly called Pay Per Click ads (see below)

Why is the Google My Business / Google+ page important for my business?

Google is placing a lot of importance on the information gathered from these Google My Business / Google+ Business pages. Google My Business is more than a business listing, you can continually add content to this mini website, such as photos, videos & posts (news articles).
Google+ is also Google’s new Social Media platform for individuals & businesses. Your Google+ business page is where people can ‘Follow’ your business & you can add people to your circles & people can add your business to their circles. ‘Circles’ are like circles of influence connecting groups of people, eg circles for friends, family & acquaintances.

This is one of the best forms of ‘off site’ SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that a business can use.

Fact, Google is the most used Search Engine & Google uses the information from Google+ My Business pages to enhance a Google uses search result.  Google+ My Business is now a critical part of business marketing.

It is time that you claimed, verified & optimised your Google My Business page. Regular updating of your Google+ My Business page is also very important as Google is always looking for recent & relevant information; this allows Google to give people the best search results.

Apart from the initial claiming, verifying & optimising of your Google My Business page we also offer an ongoing Search Engine Marketing program. That includes updating listing on other directories that are linked to your website. Having other verified listings & links strengthens your indexing in a Google search.

We offer 2 Google My Business Solutions

Google My Business MIN – claim, verify & optimise a Google+ Business page. Then add regular relevant Posts & monitor your business Google reviews.

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Google My Business MAX – claim, verify & optimise a Google+ Business page. Then add regular relevant Posts & monitor your business Google reviews.
Plus an ongoing SEO campaign adding & updating the other internet directories such as,,,,,

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We also offer Onsite & Offsite SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Campaigns

SEO Campaigns normally include Google My Business page verification & optimising. We need to evaluate your website and it’s ranking to give you the best options in SEO Campaigns.

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