COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery package taken to every Queensland MP

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News Article from CCIQ

June 30th 2021 News from the CCIQ (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland notified every Queensland MP of the need for a COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery package to support businesses in lockdown on your behalf.CCIQ Logo

Since the lockdown was announced yesterday, we’ve met and attended briefings with the Premier, Treasurer, Chief Health Officer and the Minister for Small Business Di Farmer to make sure they’re aware of the impact this lockdown is having on Queensland businesses and the need for a dedicated recovery package.

We’re also keeping the local Chambers of Commerce across Queensland informed with relevant developments to help businesses receive timely information. Connect with your local Chamber to ensure your business voice is heard.

We’re working to ensure those businesses disrupted and forced to close in the state’s third lockdown this year, and future lockdowns, have access to payments of up to $25,000 to cover loss of stock and trade and support the reinstatement of business operations.

A CCIQ survey of Queensland businesses in the past 24 hours is showing 96% support the need for a COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery package to recover from this lockdown.

Do you support a COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery package? 

What the COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery package means for you:

The package is aimed at:

  • Providing a safety net for businesses as well as certainty and support to continue;
  • Creating an opportunity to keep businesses open where able and maintain jobs;
  • Support hotspot declared areas to return to business as usual operations after a period of restricted business activity;
  • Cushioning the potential economic impact of a hotspot from affecting broader regional and state wide supply chain.

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