Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make Online

If you’re Starting, Scaling Up or Pivoting your business always consider your ROI, Leverage and Control.

Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success No. 12

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These short 30-minute Zoom meetings are to help business owners be more effective, efficient, and profitable in their business. We invite experts in different areas of business and business development to be guest presenters.

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Quickie Tips of Business Success No. 10 Recap

This Quickie Tips and Tools for Online Success.. Was done to answer some feedback from Business owners their Biggest Challenge was ‘Saving time, money, and headaches?’ 

So the main topic was…. ‘Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make Online’.

The presenter was Dave Cane an Online Business Consultant and Digital Marketing Strangest.

Costly Mistakes Business Owners Make Online

Taking Marketing Advice from a Salesperson

Or taking marketing advice from the wrong Specialist. Or from a Newbie or a Friend can be extremely costly. This can be very costly in loss or time and money. It can also give you headaches you did have to have.

If it’s not a clear WIN, WIN for all parties, or is it ONE sided.. STOP! These people ONLY do what’s best for them. Not what’s best for you!

Think ROI, Leverage and Control over the long term

How much CONTROL and Leverage do you have with the Business tools you use?

Ff you have a WIX, SquareSpace, GoDaddy website or similar.
– NO Control, can’t download it and move it.
– Hard or expensive to upgrade or adapt it to a changing business. Adding things like a an online store or eCommerce options. Or adding a Membership portal may be a real problem.
– The other thing with subscription-based services is that when you stop paying for it. You lose it and it’s gone forever and you have to start all over again

Always Start with the End in mind. And think of ROI, Leverage and Control with the tools you use online.

Marketing Companies to be careful of

Looking for a Website that Works?

Web developers come in 3 main groups. This doesn’t included the DIY Do It Yourselfers to the back yardie hobbyists.

  • IT Professional. This group mainly focuses on the Techie stuff. They don’t normally consider usability or how the website will convert visitors to customers. And they aren’t concerned about how easy the website is to keep it up to date. However, someone has to!
  • The Graphic Professional – This group is only concerned about how good the website looks. With very little time or thought spent thinking about how to get the website to rank on Google. How user-friendly the website is for both the visitor and the owner who has to keep it up to date.
  • The Marketers – If you had to pick one of the 3 main groups to design your website. It would be someone who is a Marketer. However, most marketers ONLY think of the short term result.
  • Then there is Online Business Consultants – The small group of Marketing Strategists are the sweet spot between all the 3 groups. Online Business Consultants are focused on YOU and your ROI, Leverage, and Control. Plus they consider the long and short term strategies you will need. And will work best for you at the least cost.
Need a website that works ask an Online Business Consultant like Find Net Solutions

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Warren Tapp of Tapp Advisory

Warren Tapp is a Business Advisor for Companies and their Directors. “The information and the tips and tools was delivered so it was easy to understand. I will be able to help my client be more profitable in business.”

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Jane Dearden from Jimmys Bargain Barn

Jane Dearden managers Jimmys Bargain Barn at Stapylton Qld. “With the insights on how to understand their customer better. They all will be able to grow their business and give their customer better service and product that alight with their expectation.”


Tanya Gill from Signs 4 Business

Chris and Tanya Gill own Signs 4 Business, Sancrox near Wauchope and Port Macquarie. “Fantastic Quickie zoom meeting, I took pages of notes. With what Dave, Nicky and Brian shared will help us understand our customers better. Making us more effective at marketing to new customers.”


Jeff Sommers a Reputation Marketing Specialist

“It was great information and easy to follow. This will help me understand my customers better. And help me to help other business with more effective marketing.”