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What Does Googles ‘E-A-T’ Mean?

Your Google E A T is your Reputation and a Critical Ranking Factor.
E A T is your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear to Google.
Google also knows that consumers want to deal with people and businesses that are experts. As well as authorities in their field. And are considered trustworthy.

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SEO trends in 2020

Getting Your Share of Google Love in 2020
Want more traffic, conversions and profits for your business in 2020.

It’s NOT just SEO or good website structure

The 3 main things Google will take into consideration in 2020 for ranking you is;
….. 1/ Your EAT Reputation.
E-A-T is your Expertise, Authoritativeness and how Trustworthy you appear.
…. 2/ Your Reputation with consumers feedback. What customers are saying about you your business, your service and your products.
….. 3/ UX which is User Experience. UX is basically how easy is your website is to navigate and get information on all devices.


How to Check If Your Email Been Blacklisted (and What to Do If You Are)

When you’re on the email blacklist, you’ve got nothing. No deliverability, no credit, no opens. You’re stuck in whatever spam folder “they” decide to dump you in.

If you send broadcast emails to your clients you will probably end up in one or more email blacklists. This article will help you to find out if you’re on one or not and how you can fix it.

An email Blacklist is a real-time database that uses criteria to determine if an IP is sending email it considers to be SPAM. There are several blacklists… Each list has a unique way of accepting inbound mail and determining if the email is considered SPAM. They can all impact deliverability for your emails.

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Identifying Spam Emails

Identifying and Dealing with Spam and Undeliverable Emails You need to identify whether the Spam emails are coming from; – Your contact form on your website OR – Just random spam emails not from your website form From your Contact Form  – If they are coming from your contact form then we or someone needs […]

Business Email Tips 1

Smart Tips for Business Email Accounts
Look Professional by Using Your Domain Email
Keep Control of Your Emails & Be More Saleable