5 SEO Elements for Better Google Ranking

5 On Page SEO Elements to Tweak for Better Google Ranking

Optimize your website for search engines with these five on-page SEO elements.

No. 1   Written Content

See if your content passes this checklist.

Your content should –

  1. Provide value to your readers
  2. Be Keyword rich
  3. Engage and compel users to convert
  4. Contain HTML subheadings that give your content structure
  5. Have topical subheadings that give clarity to your content
  6. Be Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness be Google EAT compliant.

No. 2     Page URL

URLs play an important role in SEO.

They should

  1. Contain the right keywords
  2. Include the target keyword
  3. Be short and to the point
  4. Be easy to read and type into the search bar

For example – targeting “Find Net Solutions DIY Websites” could look like

https:// www. findnetsolutions.com/diywebsites/

No. 3   Title Tags

The title tag is the main element used by search engines to determine the purpose of your page.

Ensure that it has the exact focus keyword as Google calls it a tiny ranking factor.

Heading Tags have a hierarchy the Lower the number the more important that Title is. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. Switch on website designer also make H1 larger font than H2, H2 larger font than H3, H3 larger font than H4… you get the idea…

For Rule of Thumb for how many Header Tags to use on a page…

  • H1 ONLY have one per page
  • H2, maximum two, as long as you have 2 subheading that relate to the H1
  • H3 three or more
  • H4, H5, H6 the higher the H Tag number the more you can have

NOTE: Do NOT over use Heading Tags they are there for a specific purpose to let Google Bots know which Heading and words are the most important… The more you have the LESS Effective they will be.

No. 4   Image Alt Text

Optimizing visual elements on your website is more important than you think. Each image must have an Alternative Text.

Alt Text is the dedicated description written for each media. They appear only when the media doesn’t load for a user, so they know what the media was intended for.

Plus that is what Google Bots read, as Google and the bots can NOT see images they rely on the Title and Alt Text. Your image Alt Text also helps with “Voice Search’ and visually impaired people rely on image Alt Text to understand what the image is.

Alt-text is useful to rank your website media in the images section of Google and thus, extremely vital for SEO.

Image thanks to iMark Infotech

Image Alt Text sample of how to use Alt Text

No. 5     Both Internal And External Links

  • Internal and external links link your pages together and to other websites respectively.
  • These are contextual links that help Google understand how your content relates to each other.
  • Linking to other reputable sites helps increase trust in your website.

These links help Google figure out your SEO strategy as well.


On-page SEO elements are often overlooked. We have touched only the tip of the iceberg with these 5.

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